Blog : Jenaly Technology Group Offers Affordable and Eco Friendly IT Services

By Clay | Jul 7, 2014 | in

Jenaly Technology Group is here to handle all of your IT needs. Knowing that the business that they are in uses a large amount of resources, Jenaly pride themselves on being able to offer their services while keeping the health of the environment in mind and all at affordable rates. While they consider themselves a small business, they are able to provide their IT services to both small and large businesses alike.

Jenaly has many services that aim to reduces company's environmental impacts including encouraging their clients to practice effect document management. By doing this they can significantly cut down on the amount of paper that they use and eventually become 100% digital and create zero unnecessary paper waste.

Jenaly’s ideals and practices are the reason that they joined the Green Alliance. They offer “Green IT Items” to the Green Alliance community every month and which are posted on their website as well as the GA Blog for the community to read.

The June “Green IT Item” highlighted the Kindle. Jenaly explained it’s capability of storing thousands of paperless books into one device and how this can effectively cut down on paper waste and can save trees that are cut down to make paper for printing. Jenaly sends out these items in hopes of helping consumers and business alike to become more green and to be able to learn about IT items and gadgets that will help consumers and businesses help the environment while saving them money at the same time.

Check back every month Green IT Item of the month on the GA Blog and visit the Jenaly website to learn more about their services and tips for businesses! 

Green Alliance members can save 10% on all Jenaly Technology Group, Inc. services.

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