Blog : Jenaly IT Item of the Month

By Clay | Jul 1, 2014 | in

Jenaly Technology Group, Inc. helps businesses reach their goals by saving time and money through efficient environmental practices. Jenaly creates green IT services, such as providing remote assistance to customers. They also eliminate waste through digital online backup, and near zero packaging.

Jenaly's Green IT Item of the Month is the Kindle. “It can pack literally hundreds or thousands of books into a compact, lightweight personal portable library.” This technology is truly amazing and can go a long way to saving trees that would otherwise be cut down in order to make paper to have books printed on.

Along with the saving of trees and potential paper waste, the Kindle can also help you save fuel and money. “You may not realize it, but whether you are flying or driving, you’re also using less fuel when carrying a Kindle instead of all those books as the reduction in weight also translates to a reduction in fuel use.”

If you are an avid reader than you should consider looking into purchasing a Kindle to help keep waste out of the environment and safe you from the hassle of having hundred up books taking up space in your home!

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