Blog : Hungry? Check Out The Portsmouth Brewery's New Website for a Complete Menu and Beer List

By Clay | Jul 29, 2014 | in

Looking for a delicious meal, or after-work drink in downtown Portsmouth? Check out The Portsmouth Brewery! Their new website has everything you need to know about the brewery's history, menu options, daily specials and, of course, their beer list. Brewing over 100 different types of craft beer throughout the year, the newly designed website shows visitors what is currently on tap listing each beer's ingredients, alcohol by volume (ABV) and International Bittering Unit (IBU) scale. You’ll be able to find out everything you need to know about your drink order before you arrive, saving you a lot of time when ordering.

Speaking of saving, did you know The Portsmouth Brewery takes many steps to reduce their impact on the environment? Since day one the brewery has donated their used hops and grains to local farmers to use as feed for their livestock. The brewery also sources a majority of its food from local suppliers and farmers whenever possible. They also eliminated the use of plastics by switching to compostable takeout containers, straws and disposable utensils. The Portsmouth Brewery also does its best to cut back on the use of electricity, gas and water and replaced their incandescent bulbs with more eco-friendly CFLs and LEDs. They've also switched to programmable thermostats to maintain the brewery's heating and cooling at an effecient level.

The Portsmouth Brewery does a great job recycling a large assortment of items including paper, glass, metal, fryolator oil and much more. They also compost everything from food scraps, napkins, and sugar packets to tooth picks pizza boxes and to-go containers.

The new website also features an updated eStore where you can order Portsmouth Brewery merchandise such as t-shirts, stickers, baseball caps, coasters and awesome beer mugs and pint glasses!

So if you are looking to grab dinner and a beer, check out The Portsmouth Brewery’s new website here and then head down for a great experience at one of Portsmouth's favorite spots!

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