Blog : Gifting Outside the Box

By Kyle | Jul 24, 2014 | in

Newly engaged couples nationwide turn to big box stores to create their registries with, registering products that often are not made in the US and lack uniqueness. With Nearby Registry, however, couples can select products and services from unique local companies and not just big box stores, all online in a convenient location for friends and family. Nearby gives engaged couples the chance to support local businesses through gifts from their guests.

Owner Allison Grappone created Nearby based around what she believes is the new definition of local. Local is what a person defines it as: it may be a twenty-mile radius for one person or the entire northeast for another. What’s important about local is no longer just location, but a guarantee of unique, one-of-a-kind creations as well as keeping money within the small businesses who practice responsible business.

Typically, big box stores offer goods that can be found across the country in hundreds of stores. Nearby offers customers the opportunity to access stores that offer products unique in themselves, and within the area. Nearby partners with local companies that offer services and not just goods—perfect for couples that aren’t looking to add more ‘things’ to their lives, but experiences to make memories from.

Nearby is working hard to broaden options for gift registries while keeping local companies in business to make the local, and whole economy stronger. They have partnered with groups, including Green Alliance, that are also working to connect consumers with local businesses. Nearby offers customers a chance to gift a Sustaining Membership that provides members with discounts to all of the 100+ GA Business Partners, free access to GA events, and monthly newsletters.

Nearby is offering services for not only weddings but any event you can think of! With Grappone’s plans to expand across the nation, what better way to access unique gifts and services than by signing up with Nearby today?

For more information about Nearby Registry visit their website here.