Blog : GateWay Taiji: Moving for a Better Balance

By Sam | Jul 24, 2014 | in

Check out GateWay's intro video for their new series: Moving for a Better Balance! This 12-week workshop is endorsed by the NH Falls Risk Reduction Task Force and has been shown to result in: Improved strength, balance and mobility, Improved postural stability and walking, and Improved quality of sleep and well-being. The balance curriculum is safe and accessible to people of all fitness levels, and is effective with people with hearing related balance issues, coordination and balance problems caused by stroke and Parkinson’s Disease, and age-related balance challenges.

Tune in to 106.1 WSCA-LP on August 5 to hear GateWay's Bill Buckley talk about balance, and sign up for the class here.

Green Card holders receive their first month of classes FREE!