Blog : Favorite Foods in the Community

By Ali | Jul 8, 2014 | in

Many companies today strive to be international or corporate, and model their business around a “bigger is better” mentality. However, for Favorite Foods, the sentiment is more quality over quantity.

Owners Chris and Jeff Barstow pride themselves on their company’s strictly local business policy. Favorite Foods focuses on helping support local independently run schools, markets, restaurants and other small New Hampshire seacoast businesses by efficiently providing them with fresh food and competitive prices.

In 2012, Favorite Foods installed a system of 572 solar panels to their roof. The energy generated runs their industrial size coolers and freezers that take up space of seven Olympic sized swimming pools. Their use of LED and CLF light bulbs, sensors that detect movement and shut of lights and machines not in use are only a handful of things the company is doing to follow their green dreams. Compared to national competitors, Favorite Foods’ carbon footprint is significantly lower and is continuing to drop.

As a local and family-owned company, the mission of FF is to provide quality products, superior service and innovative solutions to a select group of customers, all while making a significant contribution to their success. They strive to create mutually profitable long-term relationships with their customers, employees and suppliers, and to enhance the communities they feel privileged to serve.

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