Blog : Eolian Renewable Energy – A Different Kind of Energy Company

By Magill | Jul 28, 2014 | in

 In the midst of the transition from fossil fuels to renewable forms of energy and in response to the global climate change crisis, Eolian Renewable Energy is leading the way to a healthier more prosperous future powered by wind. Eolian, meaning shaped by the wind, is a company built upon a passion for the natural world. Growing up with the wilderness as their backyard, Eolian founders developed a deep respect for wilderness and an ethic of responsibility to protect our natural resources.

This inspired them to build a company focused on capturing clean renewable resources while protecting the natural environment.

Wind, an abundant and largely untapped resource, is an efficient and inexpensive answer to reducing carbon emissions. A single modern 3 MW wind turbine can power up to 1,200 homes and for every megawatt of wind energy installed in New England, carbon emissions will be reduced by about 2,000 tons every year. Wind energy is currently the most cost effective renewable energy choice and long-term wind energy contracts provide competitive and stable energy prices. Wind energy also provides security in the region against the ever-changing prices of fossil fuels. Wind energy is a clean, renewable technology to help power our region and stimulate economic growth, while protecting the health of our society and environment at an affordable cost.

In addition to being a constructive response to challenging energy and climate issues, wind power also creates jobs and economic development. Eolian’s approach to wind development involves the community throughout the development process – seeking a partnership to create maximum benefits from harvesting this shared resource. The company works with community leaders and other stakeholders to make wind energy a successful economic development for each location. Eolian’s Antrim Wind Energy project for example, in Antrim, NH, will become the largest revenue source for the Town, creating over $55 million in local economic development, will permanently conserve over 900 acres of valuable forestland, will save over 50,000 tons of CO2 emissions and 16,000,000 gallons of fresh water every year while creating enough clean electricity for about 13,000 homes. By working at the community level, this local company creates sustainable energy developments that strengthen host towns and the region for decades to come. On a broader scale, in Maine where wind energy had advanced more rapidly, the industry has brought nearly $1 billion in investments to the state and has provided new revenue for more than 760 Maine businesses.

To further their goal of strengthening communities through their project developments, Eolian Renewable Energy sponsors charitable organizations that have shown efforts to enrich community life. In previous years, Eolian has sponsored Neighbor’s Cupboard Food Pantry, H.O.M.E., Operation Homefront, local fire department fundraisers and the Grapevine Family and Community Resource Center. Their efforts to enrich the community and make positive changes for the environment enhance their mission of developing high quality wind energy projects.


Eolian Renewable Energy is a corporate partner of the Green Alliance, to learn more visit their page here.