Blog : Ecotech's Tom Pray Takes on an Army of Flying Insects

By Craig | Jul 21, 2014 | in

Tom Pray of Ecotech Pest Control stopped by the Green Alliance offices this afternoon to show us a prototype of his latest invention to help rid our backyards and public spaces of pesky deer flies, horse flies and green-heads. If you're a New Englander then you know just how easily one of these little creatures can ruin a perfect mid-summer night in the backyard, or down at the beach.

Pray was always asked by clients why mosquito sprays weren't taking care of these harassing flies. His answer was less than comforting. “A normal mosquito spray will do absolutely nothing for green-heads. The amount of chemicals you need to kill them is very high," said Pray

When his customers were disappointed with his answer, Pray saw a new market open up for his business. Pray based his idea on the fly-boxes he worked with years ago for the town of Hampton controlling fly populations in the salt marshes. Those wooden boxes proved to be too difficult to move and store for the average homeowner.

This "fly cage" is collapsable for easy storage and features machine washable netting. It is also 100 percent eco-friendly, kills the flies without chemical use, and recyclable. So how does it work?

Standing on four legs, Pray's device replicates the appearance of a four-legged animal such as a cow or deer. Hanging between the device's legs is a black buoy which Pray has found attracts the flies. According to Pray, deer flies, horse flies and green heads are often attracted to the underside of an animal where there is less hair to obstruct them from reaching the flesh.

“When they see the black buoy it draws them in even more and they go up underneath into the netting and get caught," said Pray.

When the flies, drawn by the hanging buoy fly upwards toward the "belly," they continue into a small hole that opens into a larger netted area. Once inside the flies are trapped and cook in the sunlight. At the end of the summer homeowners simply shake out the netting and wash it before storing it for the winter. The traps are perfect for backyards, golf courses and business with outdoor seating areas. Set up is as easy as opening a folding camping chair. 

Unfortunately, the traps are still in the prototype stage. Pray says that the product will be available for businesses and individuals to order through Ecotech's website in January 2015.

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