Blog : Construct a Healthy and Sustainable Home with Little Green Homes

By Kyle | Jul 9, 2014 | in

When building or renovating a home, many are focused entirely on the aesthetics of the construction, choosing between fancy wood flooring and granite countertops. What these homeowners may not realize is the potential the framework and surface or “skeleton and skin” of the home hold for green, environmentally friendly installation options. The “skeleton and skin” of a home accounts for everything from paint, lighting, installation and heating options to name a few. Little Green Homes are experts at taking these sustainable options and making them a reality in your home.

Little Green Homes are focused at providing clients with the most energy efficient, most durable and quality materials to improve any homeowners living experience. To decrease the environmental footprint of your home, Little Green Homes have three criteria in mind. First, they only incorporate sustainable and/or recycled materials. This avoids the use of synthetic materials in your home by using natural materials that don’t interrupt the ecological balance of the area they are extracted from. Secondly, the conservation of water and electricity is extremely important in the construction of a Little Green Home by incorporating Energy-Star rated appliances and compact fluorescent light bulbs. Last but not least building “not so big” homes that meet the homeowner’s needs without excess space and materials.

The construction or renovation of a Little Green Home is not only environmentally friendly, but health conscious as well. The indoor air quality of a home depends greatly on the building materials used. Little Green Hom

es avoids using materials harmful to the human body like chemically treated wood or volatile organic compound (VOC) paints.

As the world population continues to put extreme pressure on our earths natural resources, Little Green Homes strives to help homeowners reduce their own environmental impact.

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