Blog : Climate Counts Works to Get Businesses Thinking About Climate Change

By Kelly | Jul 1, 2014 | in

Does the impact a business has on the environment interest you? Does it determine which brands you buy regularly? Or does it motivate you to switch brands when you learn they are focused on the climate problems facing our planet? Climate Counts, a nonprofit created by Stonyfield Co-Founder, Gary Hirsburg, works hard to address possible solutions regarding global climate change by scoring the world's largest companies on their impact. Launched in 2007, Climate Counts' hope is to increase corporate climate responsibility and mindful consumption.

“We believe it’s necessary to develop tools that help consumers vote with their dollar and reward the companies who are doing their part,” said Mike Bellamente, Climate Counts Director.

To reach a wider range of consumers, Climate Counts currently has an app for your smartphone available on iTunes that sort’s corporate climate responsibility by company and industry and also breaks down Climate Counts' scoring system. It's a great way to view a business' corporate climate responsibility on the go and helps Climate Counts in their goal to inform the general public about the steps certain businesses take toward a better planet. Climate Counts' app is especially helpful when customers are in the store deciding on a purchase and can pull up the app to make comparisons between products. This allows customers to support the businesses that address climate change, while shying away from the companies that don’t. To download the app click here.

Climate Counts website gives you a more segmented search option for researching businesses scores. Visitors to the site are able to search for businesses by brand, sectors, company name and product type. The website also features contact information for climate conscious businesses as well as links to their Twitter and other social media pages. To view there website click here.

Climate Counts has also brought their message to students attending the University of New Hampshire. They collaborate with UNH’s sustainability institute, as a way to inspire the next generation of sustainability leadership. Climate Counts has been very pleased with the impact that the campus has had on large companies. As Climate Counts believes, when students rally around a central issue, big companies listen. Climate Counts also offers instructions on how students can bring the Climate Counts campaign to other college campuses.

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