Blog : Blue Ocean Society has Several Whale Sightings off Isles of Shoals!

By Katie | Jul 30, 2014 | in

The waters just off the coast of New Hampshire, Maine, and Massachusetts have been bustling with biodiversity this summer, and the folks at Blue Ocean Society for Marine Conservation have also been bustling to research the marine activity. The Blue Ocean Society does education and research from local whale watch boats. Part of this research involves cataloging local fin whales – an endangered species. Over 400 fin whales 400 whales have been identified and cataloged since 1996. This cataloging effort allows a multitude of research topics and protection efforts for these animals.

On a recent trip Blue Ocean Society spotted four fin whales, three of whom are available for “adoption” through the Society’s Adopt-a-Whale Program. Comet, a female fin whale available for adoption, was seen right near the Isles of Shoals, flaunting her dorsal fin and putting on a show for the whale watchers. Dingle and Fjord, both male fin whales, were spotted together south of the Isles. They traveled together for some time before parting ways; a common occurrence for Dingle, who is known to be a rather social whale, often finding friends to travel with. The fourth whale must be new to the neighborhood as it hasn’t yet been matched to Blue Ocean Society’s catalog, and the folks at Blue Ocean Society are still getting to know it! Stay updated by visiting their website regularly to learn more about this whale, and many others, as the summer continues!

Identifying the whales and adding the whales to Blue Ocean Society’s growing catalog allow researchers to gather information on habitats, travel patterns, life cycles, reproduction, and more. All data collected permits Blue Ocean Society and fellow organizations, to continue and improve protection efforts as needed.

Individuals can get involved with these conservation efforts very easily. Whale adoptions are a great way to ensure Blue Ocean Society, a non-profit organization, can continue their important research and conservation practices. No need for a huge remodeling project either - though you will have adopted the whale, it will remain in its natural habitat, continue to eat its normal diet, and living its life as it had pre-adoption. However, with you as its guardian, the whale and its off-spring will be able to live swimmingly for many years in a clean, safe ocean. Annual adoptions are only $30, and there are currently 9 animals available for adoption, including Comet, Dingle, and Fjord.

For more information on adopting a whale, click here

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