Blog : Acorn Organic Salon Shines Bright in New Dover Location

By Amanda | Jul 9, 2014 | in

Six years ago, Acorn Organic Salon opened with a single mission in mind: to provide customers with a multitude of animal-friendly, sustainable products and services that spoke to the Seacoast region’s ever-greening sensibilities. Today that mission is still very much alive, just in a different place. Situated neatly underneath Dover Natural Marketplace, the move seems fitting.

Though the new location is smaller than Acorn’s flagship location, owner Laura MacKay is embracing its charm.

“People like the new location a lot better,” she said. We have more sunshine here, a better view, we’ve had people come in before that have lived in Dover their whole lives and never new we existed because we were hidden in our old location.”

Downsizing in space unfortunately also meant downsizing in services. Due to lack of space and demand, Acorn Salon no longer offers manicures and pedicures.

“We still sell the nail polish, but we did have some customers who were bummed out because nail salons are such a toxic environment, however were focusing on what we do best and love to do, and that’s hair,” she said. The new space has also enabled them to cut down on energy costs. “We rewired this location to provide us with just the amount of energy we needed, no more, and no less.” By doing so, they are saving hundreds of dollars monthly on utilities, according to MacKay.

A high percentage of Acorn clientele come in based on the unique niche that Acorn offers. “ I would say about 75% of our clients come in based on what we offer either because they are very aware of certain chemicals and its something they believed in their whole lives or they have an allergy to color or other chemicals and they had to learn about us.”

Allergies are something Acorn has become very aware of over the years.

“We have to be so careful because some people are so sensitive they can’t be in a room where certain chemicals in hair dye are or have been.”

Many of the products sold and used at Acorn Organic are so pure, they are edible.

In recent years, it has been much easier to find products to use and sell that meet Acorn’s strict criteria. Upon first opening in 2008, it was a challenge to find any products that were pure in ingredients and performed at salon quality. This has certainly changed over the years for now MacKay says they currently have 3 to 5 different lines but could easily have 15 different lines that meet their criteria.

Hearing the word “organic” can still make people cringe and grab their wallets. When it comes to cost, the products sold at Acorn are equivalent to other salon products on the market. In the long run though organic products are more economical, for they are not diluted with water, therefore less is needed and the product lasts much longer.

MacKay’s favorite hair care line that is used throughout the salon and sold onsite is John Masters.

“He’s the best line we’ve ever found, his products not only work like a great salon product but it’s as pure as you can get, not to mention they are always making improvements that are not only good for the environment but increase performance.” Master’s wind-powered salon in NYC further shows his dedication and passion to sustainability.

Acorn Organic Salon was one of the first business partners to join the Green Alliance in 2008, and have been partnered with the GA ever since. The Green Alliance is a union of local sustainable businesses promoting environmentally sound business practices and a green co-op offering discounted green products and services to its consumer members.

Acorn Organic Salon has paved the way for environmentally sound salons in the seacoast area. MacKay acknowledges the efforts other salons in the area have taken by carrying organic lines and using similar products. “ When it comes to buying products I think it is great to see salons incorporating green hair care products, but when it comes to allergies some people are just too sensitive.”

Green hair care is an ever-growing trend here on the Seacoast, but to Acorn Organic Salon it is much more than a trend, it’s their passion.

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