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The Keycode To Success

By Emily | Jul 31, 2014 | in

By Sam Ueda

The light-hearted irony of the success of Jenaly Technology Group is that for a company who helps businesses with dozens of IT problems like safeguarding data, Business Development Specialist Kathy Scannell says the biggest compliment is when people are talking about them.

“The vast majority of our clients are referrals from other clients,” said Scannell. “That says a lot about our company. There is simply no greater compliment than a referral.”

Safe-guarding data, however, is only a small portion of what this IT firm specializes in for its clients. Whether it be creating some hybrid Cloud-like data saving solutions or utilizing an economically-sound system to help clients go virtual or even providing an effective Help Desk support center, Jenaly has been around every aspect of IT needs.

Scannell believes the key to success for an IT firm is just as much about expertise as it is about customer service. The company earned both a Managed Services and Security + Trustmark from the Computer Technology Industry Association, the global non-profit trade association for the IT industry.

Similar to the importance of a CPA accreditation with an accountant, or the BAR exam for lawyers, the CompTIA accreditation essentially helps assure clients that Jenaly adopts accepted industry practices in their work and has appropriate controls, continuing education and quality standards in place. As a vendor neutral certification body, the Trustmark also assures that Jenaly's technology solutions are based on what is best for their clients and not a result of pushing any one specific brand solution.

Green Families Celebration and Farmer's Market

By Emily | Jul 31, 2014 | in

As the Green Families Celebrations moves closer, vendors begin preparing for the anticipated event.

One vendor and business partner, Get it Going USA, is excited to debut a fun interactive tee shirt design contest that is sure to attract attention from the families attending. Contestants will choose three colors and design a tee shirt using a “green word” they will be able to choose from a list provided. The winner’s design will then be printed as a tee shirt.

This celebration is not only in its third year but is also in collaboration with the Kittery Farmer’s Market and located at the market's usual location. It is geared towards families with many interactive and fun family-oriented booths. The booths will be holding learning opportunities, free cookies, face painting and more!

So grab your family and come down to the Green Families Celebration and Farmer's Market for a fun family oriented event!

Green Alliance members enjoy 10% on all apparel. Also, GA Businesses can save 20% on custom apparel at Get it Going USA! Not a member? Join here

Smuttynose Brewery releases Brett & I beer

By Emily | Jul 31, 2014 | in

The wait is officially over, Smuttynose Brewing Company is releasing their Brett & I beer. With two previous releases under its belt, Brett & I has a slew of beer enthusiasts anticipating its rare slightly sour yet earthy flavor profile.

To achieve this rare and delectable flavor, the beer must undergo 13 months of preparation. First, it goes through an initial fermentation process with the house Trappist ale yeast. The beer is then transferred to red wine barrels where a second round of yeast, first discovered in barrel-aged British beers, called Brettanomyces Bruxellenis. This slow and long secondary fermentation process is what gives the beer its unique taste.

Smuttynose will be selling 24 cases starting Saturday August 2, at their Towle Farm brewery. With no bottle limit and a twelve dollar charge for a 375ml bottle this beer is a must buy.

Along with the sale of these bottles, a small amount of kegs will be shipped out to other locations for consumers who do not live near the brewery. These locations include CT, DC, IL, MA, MD, ME, NC, NH, NY, PA, VA, and VT and will start carrying the kegs Monday August 4.

Coca-Cola Bottling Company of Northern New England a Green Giant in the Industry

By Craig | Jul 30, 2014 | in

You've probably seen your name on a bottle of Coca-Cola this summer. It's part of the company's latest campaign to engage friends and family to share their product. The campaign certainly has people passing one another a refreshing drink, but where does the bottle end up once its empty?

Coca-Cola Bottling Company of Northern New England (CCNNE) has an integrated method of recycling, water conservation and reducing auto emissions that the public may not know about.

CCNNE recycles 6.5 million pounds of PET and 4.5 million pounds of aluminum annually. Part of the recycling process for the polyethylene terephthalate (PET) includes collecting the empty bottles into 600-700 pound bales which are sold to companies who reclaim the PET. The bales are broken apart, color sorted and chopped into small flakes and washed. These flakes are then resold to make automotive parts, textiles and fleece jackets for active outdoor companies like The North Face and Patagonia. Aluminum bales, made up of recycled cans, are smelted into 70 pound ingots to be turned into new cans which are purchased by CCNNE, restarting the recycling process.

And CCNNE does more with their sustainability initiatives than recycle bottles and cans, they also recycle light bulbs, oils, metal and shrink wrap, toner cartridges, cardboard, paper, old vending equipment, waste oil and antifreeze.

The company's Londonderry Production Center also reuses and recycles roughly 30 million gallons of water annually, using it for cooling, irrigation, washing shells and pallets, and container rinsing. The facility converted its bottling line conveyors to a waterless lubricant, saving water and minimizing water rinses at the filters. Working with a regional network of distributors throughout New England, CCNNE has also taken a serious look at their automotive emissions. To combat this issue, the company has purchased 185 hybrid vehicles, each with an estimated 30 MPG, since 2009 and continues to invest in more eco-concious vehicles. CCNNE has reduced their fleet by 10 percent and has reduced the miles driven by one million over the last five years.

While implementing these initiatives has been crucial to CCNNE's success in reducing their impact on the environment, it has also been a part of their interaction with the community. CCNNE actively educates other businesses, schools and individual consumers not just on Coca-Cola's committment to the environment, but also how the community can be effective with their own efforts. Part of that process is done by spreading the word in person. To do that, CCNNE's Sustainability Manager, Ray Dube, gives live demonstrations throughout New England about the truths of recycling plastics and aluminum, where that waste ends up and why its important for everyone to do their share.

To learn about these sustainability initiatives and more, watch the video below!

Giving Local Hops a Chance

By Clay | Jul 30, 2014 | in

When you think New England, the traditional family farm - red barn, hay bales, white Victorian house - probably comes to mind. It's the farm that for centuries, along with fishing, provided New Englanders with a stable economy. But times have changed and farmers are struggling. There is a growing movement amongst New England's farmers and the region's booming craft beer industry called the Hops Exchange. Designed to become the first processing and distributing hops company between farmers and brewers in the area, the Hops Exchange could jump start the local farming community. Currently, however, that community lacks the necessary infrastructure to support the effort.

Designed to be the first hops processing center, the Strafford, New Hampshire based facility at Isinglass River Farm will feature the most up to date technology including a pellet mill, packaging equipment, a walk in cooler. This will incentivize local farmers to grow hops, a niche crop that was once a prominent in New England and grow the Hops Exchange into the premiere hop grower in the northeast. Founded by Jameson Small, the goal of The Hops Exchange is to take locally grown hops from New England farmers and sell them to local craft breweries like Smuttynose Brewery, stimulating the farming economy and grow the local craft beer industry.

"This opportunity holds a lot of promise for two areas of great interest in the Seacoast right now, craft beer and local agriculture," said JT Thompson, Smuttynose's Minister of Propaganda. "We're excited to work with Isinglass River Farms."

If successful, The Hops Exchange believes they will be able to create jobs and keep millions of dollars in the local community.

Free Dock-Side Tours and Special Public Sails on the Gundalow for Portsmouth Sail Weekend!

By Katie | Jul 30, 2014 | in

In celebration of Sail Portsmouth this weekend, the nonprofit Gundalow Company has scheduled a variety of programming including free dock-side tours and special sails, on the gundalow Piscataqua! The gundalow will be open for free dock-side tours at the Prescott Park dock, Saturday 3:00 to 4:00 PM and Sunday 2:15 to 3:30 PM. All ages are welcome onboard to learn about the vessel, as well as, the maritime history and environment of Piscataqua region. Guests will be able to get their hands wet at interactive stations covering a variety of including marine life, watersheds, arts of the sailor, plankton, shipping history, navigation, and knot tying.

Special public sails have been scheduled for this weekend as well, including: Evening Sails on Friday from 6:30 to 8:00 PM and Saturday and Sunday from 6:00 to 8:00 PM; Kids Sail Free with a Paying Adult on Saturday morning from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM; Special Short Sails - 1 hour and 15 minutes in length - on Saturday at 12:30 PM and 3:30 PM and Sunday at 11:00 AM, 12:30 PM and 4:15 PM. Ticket prices range from $20 to $35 this weekend and each ticket purchase supports the Gundalow Company’s education programming with our local schools. For more information or to purchase tickets go to or call 603-433-9505 or visit the Gundalow Company at 60 Marcy Street.

Blue Ocean Society has Several Whale Sightings off Isles of Shoals!

By Katie | Jul 30, 2014 | in

The waters just off the coast of New Hampshire, Maine, and Massachusetts have been bustling with biodiversity this summer, and the folks at Blue Ocean Society for Marine Conservation have also been bustling to research the marine activity. The Blue Ocean Society does education and research from local whale watch boats. Part of this research involves cataloging local fin whales – an endangered species. Over 400 fin whales 400 whales have been identified and cataloged since 1996. This cataloging effort allows a multitude of research topics and protection efforts for these animals.

On a recent trip Blue Ocean Society spotted four fin whales, three of whom are available for “adoption” through the Society’s Adopt-a-Whale Program. Comet, a female fin whale available for adoption, was seen right near the Isles of Shoals, flaunting her dorsal fin and putting on a show for the whale watchers. Dingle and Fjord, both male fin whales, were spotted together south of the Isles. They traveled together for some time before parting ways; a common occurrence for Dingle, who is known to be a rather social whale, often finding friends to travel with. The fourth whale must be new to the neighborhood as it hasn’t yet been matched to Blue Ocean Society’s catalog, and the folks at Blue Ocean Society are still getting to know it! Stay updated by visiting their website regularly to learn more about this whale, and many others, as the summer continues!

Amazing Limelight Deal for Hookfest!

By Clay | Jul 29, 2014 | in

Redhook and WXGR’s Hookfest is quickly approaching and it is going to be a great day! For the 18th year this outdoor music festival is going to be filled with some of the country’s best music, amazing craft beer and delicious food. This year the festival is going to be headlined by Lettuce, a band that no one should miss out on.

Now for a limited time you can get tickets super cheap through this amazing Limelight deal. For just $20, you are getting a ticket to this amazing event for half the price! The ticket is good for Redhook Brewery’s all-ages 2014 Hookfest on August 16th.

To take advantage of this amazing deal and to learn more about the fine print please visit The Lime Light Deals Page.

This is a great mixture of Green Alliance business partners! SMG, a green alliance partner, runs the Limelight deal page. And Redhook and WXGR have both been long time Green Alliance business partners. So Green Alliance community do your part and take advantage of these three partners teaming up to put on an amazing festival!

To learn more about Hookfest please visit here!

Green Alliance members get 10% off all food at Redhook, receive exclusive access to monthly prizes, including ski passes, museum passes, movie passes, local concert tickets, and VIP access to station events and save 20% on underwriting rates from WXGR and save 20% on quarterly, biannual, and annual subscriptions, and 10% off of renewal subscriptions from Seacoast Media Group!

Not a member? Join here!

Women's Self Defense Workshop

By Kelly | Jul 29, 2014 | in

Zev Yoga is holding a Women's Self Defense Workshop, called "Grace under Pressure" A Workshop to Unlock your inner Warrior. If you are interested in learning how to master control of your emotions and energy, being composed in chaos and what to do when being assulted. This class will teach you techniques to conquer these topics and more!  This workshop takes place at Zev Yoga, 175 Water Street, Exeter NH Saturday, August 9 from 9 - 10:30 a.m.  The class is $25 per a person and $40 for mother/daughter duos.  The Women's Self Defense Workshop is instructed by seacoast resident Chris Yonker, a 7 degree blackbelt in Sanchin Ryu Karate.  Space is limited, so it is important that you sign up here!   Also, visit Zev Yoga's website for more information.

Green Card holders can purchase a one month trial membership at any Zev Yoga Studio for only $25! Annual memberships start at $25/month for new members and $40/month for returning members as well!


Hungry? Check Out The Portsmouth Brewery's New Website for a Complete Menu and Beer List

By Clay | Jul 29, 2014 | in

Looking for a delicious meal, or after-work drink in downtown Portsmouth? Check out The Portsmouth Brewery! Their new website has everything you need to know about the brewery's history, menu options, daily specials and, of course, their beer list. Brewing over 100 different types of craft beer throughout the year, the newly designed website shows visitors what is currently on tap listing each beer's ingredients, alcohol by volume (ABV) and International Bittering Unit (IBU) scale. You’ll be able to find out everything you need to know about your drink order before you arrive, saving you a lot of time when ordering.

Speaking of saving, did you know The Portsmouth Brewery takes many steps to reduce their impact on the environment? Since day one the brewery has donated their used hops and grains to local farmers to use as feed for their livestock. The brewery also sources a majority of its food from local suppliers and farmers whenever possible. They also eliminated the use of plastics by switching to compostable takeout containers, straws and disposable utensils. The Portsmouth Brewery also does its best to cut back on the use of electricity, gas and water and replaced their incandescent bulbs with more eco-friendly CFLs and LEDs. They've also switched to programmable thermostats to maintain the brewery's heating and cooling at an effecient level.

The Portsmouth Brewery does a great job recycling a large assortment of items including paper, glass, metal, fryolator oil and much more. They also compost everything from food scraps, napkins, and sugar packets to tooth picks pizza boxes and to-go containers.

Meet a Green Business: Futuro Builders

By Amanda | Jul 29, 2014 | in

Who: Futuro Builders

What: Futuro owner, Jesse Ware, first got his taste for building energy-efficient homes from his father during the 1970s. Since then, Ware has received LEED AP accreditation from the U.S. Green Building Council and specializes in building residential homes and commercial projects focused on environmental sustainability. Futuro’s residential and solar division specializes in zero net homes, which are homes engineered to offset the amount of energy consumed through interior design, extensive insulation, and efficient mechanical systems. Grid-tied solar panels harness renewable energy to heat, cool and power the homes, while cellulose derived insulation maintains efficiency in both energy demands and energy costs.

Where: 73 Court St. Portsmouth


What Makes them Green:
• Jobsite recycling program for incidental job waste.
• Construction waste recycling services for all project Dumpsters.
• Analysis of each project with energy modeling software.
• Use of high-performance insulation with high R-rating.
• Low-and no-VOC paints.

Sean Ware Opening Reception at Zev Yoga

By Amanda | Jul 29, 2014 | in

Zev Yoga in Downtown Portsmouth is hosting a Sean Ware exhibition as part of collaboration with Drift Gallery. A public artist reception will be held at the Zev Yoga Studio in Downtown Portsmouth on August 1 from 6-8 pm. This exhibition is open to the public at no cost and will run from August 1 to October 1, 2014. Artwork can be viewed at the reception, online, by appointment, or by attending a regularly scheduled yoga class. All works are for purchase.

Sean Ware, Originally from Lexington, Kentucky, lives and paints in the New Hampshire Seacoast. Trained as a potter and a painter, Ware has a special appreciation for the process of creation. Ware splits his time between painting in the studio and outdoors, painting en plein air. One of Ware’s paintings is displayed to the right.

Zev Yoga Studio in Portsmouth is located at 16 Market Square (above Breaking New Grounds). For more information on Sean Ware contact Drift Gallery at, 603-379-6560, or click here to visit their website.

Eolian Renewable Energy – A Different Kind of Energy Company

By Magill | Jul 28, 2014 | in

 In the midst of the transition from fossil fuels to renewable forms of energy and in response to the global climate change crisis, Eolian Renewable Energy is leading the way to a healthier more prosperous future powered by wind. Eolian, meaning shaped by the wind, is a company built upon a passion for the natural world. Growing up with the wilderness as their backyard, Eolian founders developed a deep respect for wilderness and an ethic of responsibility to protect our natural resources.

Aucella Heating & Cooling is hiring!

By Sam | Jul 28, 2014 | in


Did you know the Green Alliance has a Green Jobs Board? We post information about job openings within our business partner community. Open the door to your green career today.

Aucella Heating & Cooling has two job openings right now: an experienced HVAC technician, and an entry-level installation/repair technician. Read ahead to learn more about the positions.


Installation/Repair Technician
Aucella Heating and Cooling, is a residential and light commercial HVAC company located in Strafford NH. Aucella specializes in high efficiency, and alternative/renewable energy system installation, repair, and maintenance. We are currently accepting resumes for Installation/Replacement Technicians.