Blog : A Week in Review At Get it Going

By Ali | Jun 13, 2014 | in

Get it Going has three main events this week. The first is to offer 15 percent off of GiG apparel now through the end of June! All gear in the shop is responsibly source and made in the US. Check out the GiG Shop!

Next, Get it Going is welcoming their newest GiGStar. Recently graduated and on his way to Westminster College in Salt Lake City for the summer is soccer star Ian Troost. Troost will be playing for NAIA Division I soccer at Westminster and still has time for community service and extracurricular activities. 

Lastly, a new door has opened for Jill and Natasha, GiG co-owners. Jill will begin weekly blogs about behind the scenes at GiG. Not a day goes by for these two without a funny, unique story. They want to share those stories with their past and future GiGStars and followers! Want to follow the blog?

So, what’s your GiG?