Blog : Site Structures Keeps Sustainable Goals in Mind

By Kyle | Jun 10, 2014 | in

Site Structures aims to create sustainable landscapes that are designed to be both attractive and in balance with the local climate and environment. In creating these carefully crafted sustainable landscapes Site Structures has three goals; reduce inputs, reduce waste and utilize local suppliers and local materials.

Site Structures is well aware of the negative impacts lawn care chemicals have on the health of the soil, larger aspects of the environment and the health of those in contact with the lawn. Site Structures goal to reduce inputs aims to avoid applying non-organic fertilizers and pesticides. By avoiding the application of these chemicals supports the biology of the soil that maintains the soils overall health and reduce the amount of maintenance needed in the future. Therefore, the inputs of time and money are also reduced.

Their second goal to reduce waste looks to limit the amounts of lawn clippings and debris, air pollution, and storm water runoff. Storm water runoff is a huge environmental issue that collects pollutants and deposits them in local surface waters that may serve as sources of drinking water or recreation. Storm water runoff may also cause erosion or flooding that can alter an areas landscape.

The last goal of Site Structures is to stay local. By using local suppliers for their services and materials supports the local economy. In addition, staying local reduces travel and gas consumption for the company to again limit their impact on the environment.

By honoring these goals Site Structures ensures the well-being and beauty of our natural resources and our communities as a whole.

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