Blog : Seacoast Energy Offers Customers Variety for Energy Efficiency

By Magill | Jun 12, 2014 | in

Seacoast Energy wants to tackle the ever growing climate challenge head-on by offering an array of sustainable, energy saving products. Jack Bingham, owner of Seacoast Energy, specializes in almost every energy saving option available. From solar heated hot water to composting toilets, Bingham aims to provide locals with access to energy efficient products. It's a challenge in a time of serious environmental degradation as large corporations offer solutions that appear easier, but contain harmful fossil fuels. It's true that we are in the middle of an energy crisis.

"New England in particular has got a serious energy problem and there are only so many options," said Bingham. "And solar hot water and electric are clearly two of those options."

One of the most popular energy installations provided by Seacoast Energy is the solar hot water heater, which is, to some, one of the easiest investments to make in renewable energy. These systems can pay themselves off in roughly five to six years with the possibility for 25 years of free hot water and no concerns regarding the changing prices of oil or electricity. Although the upfront cost of energy efficient systems such as a solar hot water system may seem daunting, it's a beneficial investment that can save both money and the environment. It's also grown a new industry, creating jobs and stimulating the economy.

“What used to be for the committed environmentalist has now become a very realistic and competitive energy solution,” said Bingham.

This spring, Seacoast Energy expanded to include Woodmaster’s European-style biomass products. These wood and pellet furnaces can heat your entire house at a significantly lower cost.  You can essentially eliminate the cost of fuel by using scrap wood, wood pellets or cut wood. As the only seller of Woodmaster products in this region, Bingham continues to broaden the world of efficient products to local consumers.  

Get inspired by Seacoast Energy and take advantage of all the amazing energy efficient systems they provide!  

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