Blog : Olympic Green Cleaning

By Kelly | Jun 10, 2014 | in

Olympic Green Cleaning uses healthy environmentally friendly products when cleaning residential homes and commercial facilities. They use products that are EPA approved, such as, “Envirox,” the only EPA registered stabilized hydrogen peroxide sanitizer-virucide. This allows for sustainable cleaning practices with affective environmental protection.

Olympic Green Cleaning Products are also, USDA Bio-Preferred, and Green Seal Certified. The USDA Bio-Preferred program was created to promote the increased purchase and use of biobased products. The purchase and use of these products will reduce the nations reliance on petroleum, increase the use of renewable agriculture resources, and contribute to the reduction of adverse environmental and health impacts. Green seal certified is a standard that develops life cycle based sustainability standards for products, services and companies. Green Seal works with businesses to achieve these criteria.

Olympic Green Cleaning understands the importance of environmental, economic and social initiatives. Economically, they will continue to purchase locally, create jobs, and have a commitment to research and development. Their social impact creates programs that benefit the local communities, volunteering services to those in need and providing quality service at all time. Recently, Olympic Green Cleaning ran as a company in a 5k race benefiting Krempels. They also, gave to breast cancer awareness month and made a brain tumor foundation donation. They have plans to start a charity fund for families that struggle to pay their medical bill, and donate to non-profits monthly. Environmentally, Olympic Green Cleaning will utilize products and conduct business that benefits the environment, prevent pollution, and promoting and educating clients on environmental management.