Blog : MetalWave Inc. Combats Electronic Waste

By Magill | Jun 5, 2014 | in

Due to our undeniable dependence on electronics and the pressure to always buy the newest models, electronic waste is becoming one of the most serious environmental issues of our time. When electronic waste, more commonly known as e-waste, is not properly disposed of the waste breaks down releasing harmful chemicals and toxins into the atmosphere, water, and soil. The issue of improperly disposed e-waste is difficult to combat due to the global market for electronic components. Most e-waste is shipped to third world countries as a way for corporations to avoid paying for the disposal. In addition those countries encourage this illegal action as the breakdown of e-waste provides jobs for low-income families.  

In order to fight improper e-waste disposal we need to locally breakdown electronics and correctly dispose of the toxic metals and chemicals. Fortunately, local company MetalWave Inc., of North Hampton, provides electronic consumers with a way to properly dispose of their old devices. MetalWave is committed to the integrity of the e-waste disposal process, and ensures that no components are shipped overseas or dumped in landfills. They take the initiative to properly disassemble, shred, and recycle the products themselves with the occasional assistance from reliable local vendors. MetalWave owner Brad Wiggin and Director of Sustainability, Tom Sousa use their previous knowledge and experience with resource recovery and their mission to protect the environment from harmful toxins to run a successful eco-friendly business. Their admirable work to protect the environment also prevents poor families overseas from being exposed to life-threatening toxins and provides jobs in the U.S.

MetalWave encourages locals to take the time to recycle their used electronics by holding large scale recycling events. This May they held a recycling event for the Southeast Regional Refuse Disposal district which includes ten different towns in New Hampshire. At recycling events they invite people to bring all IT products that are no longer usable, to help keep people from resorting to landfills and other unsafe disposal sites.  

MetalWave Inc. is the sustainable and affordable solution to disposing of electronic waste!

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