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By Clay | Jun 23, 2014 | in

After an 18-month search, Mary Doane of Mary’s Dogs has finally found a new location for “Mary’s Dogs Inn”. “It took us awhile but this is the best place that we can be in”, said Doane. The Inn will serve many purposes from quarantining adoptable dogs to boarding dogs that already have homes. 

New Hampshire has a law that requires all dogs that are being brought from out of state must be quarantined away from other dogs for 48 hours. This process is to ensure that the dogs are healthy and safe before they can be placed in their new homes. Prior to the Inn, the dogs had to be quarantined at a vet and not on site. With the new Inn Mary will be able to quarantine the dogs herself on site helping to streamline the adoption process. 

The Inn will also be able house dogs that do not have homes set up for them yet. Dogs that will be brought into the shelter will be able to go through their initial quarantine and then will become available for adoption. If you are interested in adopting one of these dogs first you must fill out a questionnaire with Mary’s Dogs. Once your questionnaire is reviewed and approved you will be able to schedule an appointment to go to the Inn and visit with the adoptable dogs. 

Another new feature that will be starting this month is doggy daycare and boarding. “We will have the capacity of 15 dogs. We are keeping it very small but it will be very similar to a home environment”, said Doane. At the Inn the dogs will be given lot of personalized attention from the staff. Doane has hired a staff that has been working in dog care for many years and will be able to give the dogs the proper attention and care that they need. 

“Through the income generated from the boarding and daycare we will be able to begin a fund to set up a spay clinic in the south where most of these dogs come from.“ Doane said that this is one of their ultimate goals. Mary hopes that people that have adopted dogs from them and people who may not have will board their dogs at the Inn and subsequently this will work to help the dogs down South.  If you are looking for a new family pet please consider adoption first and fill out the questionnaire here!

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