Blog : Jenaly IT Item of the Month

By Kelly | Jun 4, 2014 | in

Jenaly Technology Group, Inc. helps businesses reach their goals by saving time and money through efficient environmental practices. Jenaly creates green IT services, such as providing remote assistance to customers. They also eliminate waste through digital online backup, and near zero packaging.

Jenaly's Green IT Item of the Month is the Belkin Conserve power strip. “We all know that tech gadgets draw power, even when they are off. That’s why we love the Belkin Conserve power strip. This innovative device has a remote control that shuts down all but two of the outlets, making it super easy to turn off your computer and save power by not allowing any of the devices connected to it to draw trickles of energy while they’re off.”

“This kind of drain really adds up over time, over the course of a week or a year,” Senior Product Manager Gid Herman says.

This eight-plug adapter features six power outlets that can be completely shut down. This eliminates what is called “phantom power,” the hidden electricity drain. Phantom power is the term for when devices like cell phone chargers and TV sets still use energy when they are off or inactive. A laptop that is off, but still plugged in, for example, uses energy.

“Up to 15% of all electrical power consumed in the home is caused by this kind of drain,” Victor Shu, Belkin’s Marketing Communication Manager, says.

The power strip comes with a wireless remote to quickly open and close these six plugs. The other two plugs that stay active are to accommodate electronics that need to constantly draw power. The remote that controls this power strip uses RF radio technology so it doesn’t need to be in the sight line to power down devices. You can even mount it on the wall like a light switch, as a reminder to use it frequently.

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