Blog : Green Tips from Ultra Geothermal

By Ali | Jun 13, 2014 | in

This week's Green Tips come from Green Alliance business partner, Ultra Geothermal, a renewable energy company that specializes in geothermal heating and cooling.

1. Programmable thermostats are great for fossil-fuel run heating systems. For a geothermal system, however, it is best to maintain a constant temperature in your home to minimize costs, making programmable thermostat less than ideal.

2. Geothermal can save up to 80% off heating and cooling costs, by using the natural heat from the earth to heat and cool your home. This means you will have more money to spend on other energy efficieny products, like a Solar PV system to run the heat pump.

3. Burning 1 gallon of fossil fuel releases 20 pounds of CO2 emissions. Geothermal can help you minimize your emissions.

4. Air-sourced water heaters are a great option to de-humidify your basement. They also heat hot water for 70% cheaper than other water heating methods.

5. Put your air conditioner as close to the center of the wall as possible, to allow better airflow (that is, of course, if you don't have geothermal). This saves money and CO2 emissions!

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