Blog : Green Alliance Welcomes Aucella Heat & Cooling as a Business Partner!

By Craig | Jun 10, 2014 | in

It's summer, what a perfect time to welcome Aucella Heating & Cooling to the Green Alliance!

As we turn on our AC systems seeking relief from the heat, many don't know that an efficient cooling system can help save money and lessen their impact on the environment. Aucella does more than just installations and repair work. They spend time diagnosing a home and find the right system that fits the needs of both the homeowner and the home itself. Aucella even offers customers the opportunity to manage their home's efficiency while they soak up the sun with the Ecobee Internet Thermostat, which allows users to manage energy levels from their laptop, iPhone or iPod Touch.

The Ecobee is just one of many pieces of equipment that Aucella offers. The small, knowledgeable staff at Aucella specialize in heating and cooling systems from American Standard, Mitsubishi and Lochinvar as well as solar heat and water systems.

The Green Alliance is happy to welcome Aucella, a family-owned business, who values putting the health of customers, their homes and the environment at the forefront of the business!