Blog : Geothermal Done Right!

By Kyle | Jun 4, 2014 | in

Many stray away from renewable energy systems because of their high costs in comparison to conventional energy systems. What these homeowners may not realize is the savings renewable energy systems provide in the long-term. With Utra Geothermal’s custom geothermal heating and cooling systems you can reduce your monthly energy bill and environmental impact. With Ultra, homeowners can reduce heating and cooling bills by 30-70%. Avoid the constant rise in your energy bill as oil prices continue to increase—geothermal constantly taps the energy that is naturally stored in the earth. The Federal government also offers a significant tax break to homeowners who invest in geothermal heating and cooling systems. Though it’s always great to save money, it’s even more important for the future of our planet to reduce ones impact on the environment.

Geothermal is known to be the most efficient, cleanest and cost-effective heating and cooling system available. Ultra provides homeowners a way to stay comfortable, without compromising their values. A homeowner’s carbon footprint can be reduced with Ultra because their geothermal systems eliminate in-home combustion emissions. In addition, no toxic fumes or hazardous emissions are released into your home.

As fossil fuels continue to diminish across the globe, geothermal energy stays constant—what better time than now to invest in sustainable energy sources?

Become a Green Alliance member today and review up to three FREE thermostats—a $300 value—when you purchase a geothermal system!