Blog : ENH Gives It to You Straight

By Kyle | Jun 4, 2014 | in

ENH Power aims to use upfront and transparent business practices while providing citizens of New Hampshire affordable electricity. It’s a common practice for electrical companies to use variable rate plans to charge more in times of high-energy use. As thermostats are cranked high in the cold winter months, with variable rates customers experience a spike in their monthly electric bill. However, ENH strays away from this trend by purchasing power upfront for the duration of their customers contract. With this method, ENH customers aren’t subject to the 300 percent increase in energy rates typically experienced during months of extreme weather.

The morally sound business practices of ENH cause one problem; disbelief.

Potential customers have trouble getting past their “if it’s too good to be true, it isn’t true” mindset, says Will Fessenden, Director of Media for ENH Power. However, in reality there is no catch— it is that easy. Though trends show that New Hampshire residents take longer to make decisions in terms of their energy supplier, this due to a customer's tendency to research and verify choices/decision routes, most come to the conclusion that ENH is the way to go. In just two short years, ENH has gained thousands of customers that have recognized the benefits of the company's straightforward contract agreement.

As of June 1, ENH’s customer base continued to grow to include members of the New Hampshire Electric Cooperative (NHEC), a member-owned and controlled electric distributor serving areas throughout New Hampshire. Unfortunately, due to real time costs of power, NHEC was forced to raise their rates by 20 percent. ENH is offering members of NHEC the opportunity to remain under the Cooperative, while receiving their fixed rates. This allows NHEC members to save nearly $40 per year on average.

ENH is truly interested in the long-term economic health of New Hampshire. Switch your electricity company today to shave money off your monthly electricity bill while boosting the states economy.

Become a Green Alliance Member today and get ENH Power’s Coal-Free Plan for the lower price of our 6-month Standard Rate.