Blog : Cultural Chemistry’s Interview Workshop; Hire the Best Fit for You!

By Magill | Jun 26, 2014 | in

It is nearly impossible for small business owners to take the time to structure their company and increase efficiency when faced with the task recruiting, terminating and managing staff. Whether structuring a local restaurant or small energy company, HR companies offer a successful plan for managing businesses.

On July 3 Cultural Chemistry, an HR consulting company, will host an interview workshop to teach employers the most effective methods to use during the interview process. The discussion includes how to develop interview conversation techniques and how to determine if a candidate is right for your culture. The event is geared toward business owners who want to learn how to simplify the hiring process and be confident in their decisions.

Cultural Chemistry has a unique approach to increase business dynamics and efficiency at a fraction of the cost of a traditional HR business. This sustainable company helps businesses improve their structure with environmentally friendly approaches catered to specific business types. Offering a variety of workshops and individual business appointments, Cultural Chemistry can help improve everything from a company’s hiring approach to communication within the business community. One way Cultural Chemistry helps maximize work place efficiency is by guiding companies in their search for employees that could be the right fit for a business.

Working with local businesses including the Green Alliance, an organization connecting green-minded consumers with businesses that work to lessen their impact on the environment, and their Business Partner, GreenMaids, Cultural Chemistry has taught these owners how to effectively hire employees. On working with Green Alliance owner, Sarah Brown, IJtsma says that by utilizing Cultural Chemistry's techniques to effective interviewing, the process has become easier and shown results.

The upcoming interview workshop is the perfect opportunity for business owners to follow in Green Alliance’s footsteps. By taking a few hours to learn ways to effectively interview, businesses will save time wasted on a drawn-out hiring process. Traditional interview techniques result in candidates answering questions in the same way with generic responses and not showing excitement for the position. Using new innovative approaches from Cultural Chemistry will help to weed out the individuals that will be dedicated to and enjoy their job. IJtsma has created an interview approach that is an effective way for any company to find out what a candidate can bring to a business atmosphere on an individual and community-based level.


Green Alliance Business Partners will receive free admission to this workshop! In addition individual GA card holders will receive 10% off the event.