Blog : Congrats to Great Bay Stewards on their GA Membership Renewal!

By Magill | Jun 6, 2014 | in

The Green Alliance is happy to announce that Great Bay Stewards is renewing their membership for the third year! Great Bay Stewards is a non-profit environmental group that is constantly busy caring for the New Hampshire seacoast. From converting the former Pease Airforce Base into a National Wildlife Refuge to educating children at the discovery center, the organization is a strong supporter of the environment. Great Bay Stewards began saving our seacoast 40 years ago by stopping the development of an oil refinery.Today, they continue to push for the seacoast's wellbeing by renewing their membership with the Green Alliance!  

With education programs, research, and conservation projects this environmental organization attacks seacoast issues from all angles. They have shown a deep commitment to all the environmental problems that arise along Great Bay and help get the community involved in environmental activism.  

The Green Alliance commends Great Bay Stewards on their environmental advocacy work and dedication to bettering our seacoast. We look forward to continuing to work with such an inspiring non-profit. 


Green Alliance members save 10% off Great Bay Stewards membership.  Savings range from $2 off for 'Students' to up to $15 off for 'Guardians.'