Blog : Community Toolbox Cuts the Ribbon and Opens as a Nonprofit

By Craig | Jun 16, 2014 | in

By Emily Norloff
Green Alliance Writer

Congratulations Community Toolbox! Standing outside the store with ribbon and giant scissors, members of Community Toolbox cut the red ribbon, symbolizing the “grand opening.” The recent 501©3 status approval has made it possible for Community toolbox to become an official non-profit organization, definitely something worth celebrating.

With a first and basement level, the store was packed with materials ranging from kitchen cabinets to tiles. Volunteer members were dressed in light blue t-shirts and warmly greeted people as they came in. This open house was a great opportunity to see first-hand the people and the products that go into making Community Toolbox the amazing organization that it is.

Both Tom and Cheryl agreed that there was a great turn out at the event. “Volunteers, community members, and even people we have done projects for have come in” Cheryl stated excitedly.

Scattered around the store were pictures of people helped by the Fix-It program provided by Community Toolbox. Each picture acted as a reminder of the “neighbors helping neighbors” motto proudly advertised by the volunteers of the non-profit.

The enthusiastic atmosphere running through the store mirrored the excitement each volunteer brings when helping members of the community during a project. As a three part business that tirelessly helps the community through their Deconstruction, Retail Outlet and Fix-It programs, this new non-profit status is a great feat.

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