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Gateway Updates Studio Space with Focus on Sustainability

By Ali | May 23, 2014 | in


PORTSMOUTH – The centuries-old arts of taiji (tai chi), qigong (chee kung) and yoga are practiced by an ever-increasing number of people. Participants quickly catch on to the benefits they can derive from setting aside a portion of the day to relax and enjoy themselves. After only an hour you can leave feeling better, moving more freely and sensing a deeper energetic connection within. It just may be the best morning investment since the cup of coffee.

Bill Buckley was a strong advocate of these benefits when he opened Gateway Taiji, Qigong and Yoga back in October of 2012. He set out to provide his clientele with a warm and inviting judgment-free atmosphere – and he delivered. Gateway houses two large sunlit studios and an unusual array of classes that encourage people of all ages and skill sets to express themselves freely while exploring something new – or familiar.

Eco-Friendly Golf Course Kickstarts Foot Golf This Summer

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By Austin Sorrette

Usually, kicking your ball through the rough is considered cheating, a sneaky way to save a stroke. Now, it's the entire nature of gameplay in a twist on the sport of golf called Foot Golf. Never heard of Foot Golf? That’s okay because Sagamore, a local golf course, will open the new game to anyone who wants to give it a try this summer.

Foot Golf has been sweeping the globe since its inception in 2009, and its popularity is growing. Richard Luff, president of the Sagamore-Hampton Golf Club on North Road in North Hampton, New Hampshire, adopted the game as a way to reach out to more players and keep the golf course one stroke ahead of the competition.

“Introducing Foot Golf will be a nice compliment because it will introduce our facility to another demographic,” says Luff. “The learning curve to play Foot Golf is easier and you can get families out there as well as soccer players.”

The Green Cocoon

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Have you thought about how easy it is to go green when installing insulation? Each set of The Green Cocoon's spray foam has about 2,000 recycled plastic bottles in it, and it costs the same as any other spray foam insulation! Watch this awesome video directed by Mary Boland and listen to The Green Cocoon talk about their business.

Mirror Image Goes Green One Step at a Time

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By Michael McCord
Green Alliance Correspondent

Jason Battistelli, founder and owner of Mirror Image Automotive in Greenland, puts a premium of unparalleled service and value for his growing customer base in the New Hampshire Seacoast region. But he also has ambitions to make his auto body and mechanical repair facility into the greenest shop around.

In addition to helping customers navigate the sometimes treacherous waters of insurance coverage, Battistelli has implemented green plans to educate his customers on the value of small steps while adding more sustainable solutions to paperwork, priming, painting and oil changes.

“We are taking every green step we can,” said Battistelli who opened his business in Goffstown in 2006 before relocating to Greenland. Jason and his crew recycle everything they can from paper to metal to waste fluids and are moving towards more paperless billing and encouraging the use of recycled parts when appropriate.

Great Works Turns Three!

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Happy birthday to Great Works Chiropractic— well early birthday that is! Roughly three years ago owner Dr. Seth unofficially opened his practice out of his rented home in Berwick, Maine. Great Works Chiropractic officially opened its doors on July 1st, 2011. Through these past three years Great Works has gone to great efforts to incorporate green, sustainable practices into their business. Just these past few months they have begun to use a new software system to run the office. This system allows for better real time access to patient records that ultimately saves tons of paper. Great Works is in the process of shredding and recycling paper files already in existence and are looking forward to no longer having to print future patient files. This system is not only better for the environment, but will improve patient care in numerous ways.

Conservation Law Foundation’s Waterkeeper: Building a Voice for Great Bay

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 By Katie Seraikas

The Great Bay Estuary – consisting of Great Bay, Little Bay, and the Piscataqua River– is a remarkable natural resource on the New Hamsphire and Southern Maine seacoast. Since its founding in 1966, Conservation Law Foundation (CLF) has made New England’s land and waters a priority, as evidenced by the launching of the Great Bay- Piscataqua Waterkeeper program in 2012. The program is dedicated solely to restoring and protecting the estuary.

“Great Bay is facing a number of challenges, leading to an uncertain future,” says Great Bay-Piscataqua Waterkeeper Jeff Barnum. “Being an advocate to help solve the estuary’s problems is the best and most demanding job I have ever had. Clean water doesn’t just happen by itself. I am a catalyst for change, and will only succeed if everyone does their small part.”

Severe Weather and Business Planning Workshop

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By Madelaine

HAMPTON — What measures can you take to protect your business and educate your employees from severe weather? What do more frequent storm events and severe flooding mean for our seacoast business community? These are important questions that the Severe Weather and Business Planning workshop can help you answer! The Green Alliance is co-sponsoring this workshop with NH Businesses for Social Responsibility along with UNH.  

Guest Blog; Help! Where did my Interest go?

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The Guest Blog below is from our friends at Progressive Asset Management, Inc. PAM is an independent full-service investment brokerage firm that specializes in socially responsible investing. This article from its spring newsletter offers advice on how to
make better investments in a today’s tough economy.

It’s painfully obvious to more and more Americans that the interest from their bank accounts, money market funds, and other fixed income investments has plummeted in recent years.  

Why the huge drop?

Simply put, because the U.S. Treasury, the bedrock upon which most interest-paying and fixed-income investments are based, has purposely dropped rates paid on the securities they sell to banks, insurance companies, money market funds, and individuals to all-time lows in order to stimulate the economy in various ways.

Big Brother Big Sister Stiletto sprint

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It’s time to strap on a pair of heels and raise some money! With Big Brother Big Sister’s 5th Annual stiletto sprint coming around the corner, now is the perfect time to fundraise while also having a great time.

Starting at the Rusty Hammer in downtown Portsmouth, participants will secure a pair of heels and start running, walking, or strutting their way down the make shift runway. All benefits go towards Big Brother Big Sister, an amazing organization that focuses on strengthening the relationships of children while providing an environment that helps them succeed in life.

Zev Yoga Deals

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Yoga may not be for everyone, but if you’re looking to give it a try Green Alliance business partner, Zev Yoga has awesome deals! Currently, they are giving away one month of unlimited yoga for only $25 ($80 value)!

Owner and instructor Jonas Amberger has been practicing yoga for 21 years. In 2006 he founded Zev Yoga and takes pride in his achievments of cultivate a safe, welcoming environment where yogis of all levels of experience can realize the full benefits of this age-old mind and body workout.

Yoga is the perfect way to relieve stress after work, or prepare yourself in the morning for the day!

For more information about this deal visit Amazon Local

Check out GA business partner Zev Yoga!


Spring an Opportunity To Refresh and Brighten With Sustainable Paints

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Green Alliance Staff Writer

PORTSMOUTH — Spring is in full swing and a homeowner’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of spring cleaning.

“Spring is a great time to empty the closets, de-clutter, move the furniture and get your walls and ceilings painted,” says Sean Sturk, owner of Minute Men Painting. “And since there will be new colors of nature outside, why not put new colors on your home, a change that can significantly impact your psyche and make you feel better?”

RE/MAX on The River Spotlight Series

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Check out this awesome video of GA's Ron April as he features The Green Cocoon on his RE/MAX on The River green business spotlight series! Video by Mary Boland.

ENH Power Brings Honest Business Practices to the World of Electricity

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PORTSMOUTH - Few disagree that having the choice of an electric supplier has been good for New Hampshire. Competition has resulted in lower electricity prices. Unfortunately competition for the consumer’s dollar has some power companies straying from an honest path to better off their own wallets.

New England owned ENH Power hopes to avoid the further tarnishing of the electrical industry through upfront and transparent business practices.

Recently, several electricity supply companies have come under fire for customer contracts and terms that include a variable rate; any interest rate or dividend that changes on a periodic basis.

Variable rate products usually go without a second glance until times of high energy usage. Cold winter weather and warmer summer months result in a spike in energy use. This past winter consumers with variable rate plans experienced up to a 300 percent increase in energy rates. 

Rockingham Electric and The Lighting Center Help Customers See the Light

By Magill | May 20, 2014 | in

By Michael McCord
Green Alliance Correspondent

NEWINGTON – When it comes to energy efficiency and savings to the bottom line, LED and CFL lighting options are transforming homes and businesses. 

Gino Milne, the branch manager for Rockingham Electric Supply in Newington, has more than three decades of experience in the lighting industry and he says that with each passing day residential and commercial customers are becoming better informed about making electric lighting more cost efficient today and tomorrow.

“I think there has always been a consciousness in the commercial sector about saving money on their electric bills because businesses are so acutely aware of their bottom-line,” Milne said. “But we’ve come a long way as far as residential awareness because customers now know and care about saving as much as possible on their home energy consumption.”

Local Renewable Energy Duo Ride 2,000 Miles for Solar Charity

By Magill | May 20, 2014 | in

By Patrick Martin

PORTSMOUTH - Josh Andrews and Chris Pamboukes are two Portsmouth, N.H. residents who share a deep love of cycling. This summer they plan to put that passion to work in stimulating positive change for the Seacoast area.

On July 14th the two will begin a 2,000-mile bicycle trek along the Pacific coastline from Vancouver, B.C. to San Diego, Calif.

If endurance cycling wasn’t enough, they have decided to take the challenge further and organized Pedal for Power, a local fundraiser to help others, help the environment and bring together community.  Andrews and Pamboukes began this donate-per-mile bikeathon fundraiser to cover the installation cost of a solar electric power system to be built at Cross Roads House.  

Located on Route 1 in Portsmouth, Cross Roads House is a 96 bed emergency and transitional shelter serving men, women and children in the Seacoast area who are experiencing homelessness.