Blog : Yankee Thermal Imaging's Exclusive Bonus Discount for GA Members

By Katie | May 12, 2014 | in

 Yankee Thermal Imaging wants you to stay cool this summer! At YTI, they're all about efficiency, and want to share their secrets to saving energy with Green Alliance members. Valid through July 1st, GA members can access an energy appraisal for only $225 (regularly $300)! 

Unknowingly, you could be throwing hundreds of dollars each year to the wind just by hot and cold air leaking out of your home. The cost of energy is not cheap, and with an energy appraisal from YTI, you can figure out ways to make your home more energy efficient (and save up to $500 a year!). This summer is the perfect time to get control of your cooling and heating systems, and with this generous discount--why not?! 

YTI uses state-of-the-art equipment, including thermal imaging cameras, blower doors, and combustion safety equipment to diagnose problem areas in your home. After the various tests, you will receive a comprehensive report of YTI's findings, suggesting the ways in which your energy use could be more useful. 

If you are not a member of the Green Alliance, join today for only $25 (look for the special discount link in the energy appraisal email)! Email to access this incredible offer from YTI! Or visit

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