Blog : Save Green While Going Green at ReVision's Solar Celebration

By Ali | May 28, 2014 | in

June 21 marks the official start of summer and what better way to celebrate the solstice than by throwing a party?

ReVision Energy is one step ahead of the game. On June 20 Revision will host their Celebrate the Sol - short for solstice - event to ring in the summer season. ReVision’s office and marketing manager, Heather Fournier says that the meaning behind the celebration is to gather the community together and get people excited about the sun, summer, solar power and the environment.

The event is full of fun-under-the-sun action including beer, free food, music, children’s activities and solar demonstrations. If you're interested in learning how to begin your own compost pile, adopting a pet or even learning how to make your car more sustainable, there will be workshops and area vendors on hand.

As a Business Partner with the Green Alliance, a union of local, sustainable businesses promoting environmentally sound business practices, ReVision Energy has risen above other energy contractors by going the extra mile for both the consumer and the planet. They work to bring solar energy technology to families, businesses and organizations throughout Northern New England.

“It’s great to be a part of a rapidly growing and cutting-edge solar company, a company that knows how to give back to community,” said Green Alliance Director, Sarah Brown. “We love collaborating with green businesses; that is what the Green Alliance is all about. Events like this are the perfect avenue to bring businesses and consumers together, helping to bridge that gap and educate residents on why it’s important to make greener decisions. Plus there will be beer, music and a jumpy house – sounds like a lot of fun.”

All Green Alliance members should bring their membership cards with them to the Celebrate the Sol event in order to receive special offerings and prizes.

As renewable energy takes off so does ReVision’s goal for the future. Currently there are 3,000 solar energy systems installed in Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont and Massachusetts and ReVision is striving to create an even larger sustainable energy economy. According to ReVision Energy, if the U.S. converted 0.1 percent of the total landmass to solar panels, there would be enough free energy to meet 100 percent of the country's electrical needs.

Another green company, AutoBeGreen will be at the Celebrate the Sol event showing off their lifetime air filters, biodegradable motor oils and cleaners, and eco-meters which allow drivers to visually monitor their fuel consumption in real time.

Glenn Johnson, owner of AutoBeGreen, noted the friendly and collaborative history between his business and ReVision and added that the two businesses will continue to grow that relationship. Part of that growth includes ReVision using AutoBeGreen's green motor oil in their vehicles in the near future.

Revision Energy has also invited New Hampshire Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (NHSPCA) to showcase the work they have done together. Revision installed a Solar Thermal System at NHSPCA headquarters in Stratham. Revision and NHSPCA will be available to discuss how the addition of these solar panels has benefitted NHSPCA and how solar energy can help your residential or commercial building.

Revision will also offer tours of their facility and exhibit a new PV array, a solar hot water system, an automatic pellet boiler, and a plug-in Prius with charging station at the event.

In addition to the extensive on-hand information and various presentations throughout the day, ReVision will raffle off a basket stocked with gift certificates and ReVision Energy t-shirts.

If you haven't attended ReVision Energy’s summer bash in the past, this year is going to be bigger, better and worth visiting. Come celebrate the sun's power, potential, and ability to generate energy, and most importantly get interested and excited about the current summer season. Any business or individual can learn how to make their lifestyle a little more eco-friendly. With the help of the participating vendors like AutoBeGreen, the NHSPCA, ReVision Energy, and the Green Alliance anyone can make steps in the right direction, making their future sunnier and greener.

Celebrate the Sol event will be held at ReVision Energy's offices at 7 Commercial Drive, Exeter, N.H. For more information, visit or call (603)679-1777.

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