Blog : Save Big with Our Town Energy Alliance

By Ali | May 2, 2014 | in

Living in New England means cold winters, but it doesn’t necessarily mean expensive heating bills. Green Alliance business partner, Our Town Energy Alliance has cultivated a unique partnership among the community. They sell discounted heating fuels to businesses and families throughout New Hampshire. Here’s how it works. Our Town Energy Alliance purchases heating fuel in bulk and uses that volume buying power to secure discount rates from leading area fuel dealers.

Becoming an Our Town member is easy; it’s $25 a signup, saving you hundreds of dollars instantly. For businesses the first fuel is $50, and the second is only $20! Members can save up to 50 percent on their heating bills. Our Town caters to the needs of all families and situations, including giving people on fuel assistance a free membership.

Overall, Our Town lowers their members heating bills while minimizing their carbon footprint. They support the local economy by keeping their members’ dollars circulating in the town, county, and state. Our Town continuously seeks greener alternatives to fossil fuels, causing them to stand out from bigger, national companies like Irving. They are building up their company and gaining members everyday, putting them at the forefront for energy choice in New England.

Now is the time to get locked in and purchase oil at a low price! GA members save 20% on membership fees. For more information about Our Town Energy Alliance click here