Blog : Riverworks Printing New Eco-Solvent Printer Helps with Spring Jobs

By Magill | May 27, 2014 | in

By Magill Smith

Riverworks Printing of Greenland, N.H. is constantly working to redefine print products by using eco-friendly materials and creating biodegradable media for homes and businesses. Riverworks currently uses an adhesive large format poster - the Photo Tex Wall Sticker - for many printing jobs. It is more durable than traditional posters in addition to being biodegradable. Founder Jeff Cutter was inspired to create the format as a way to showcase his favorite personal pastime: fly-fishing. The Phthalates-free patented adhesive leaves no sticky residue on surfaces and is interchangeable.

Today, Riverworks is still experimenting with modern media to make their products as eco-friendly and versatile as possible. Cutter and Print Manager, Danis Chamberlin, go above and beyond their eco-friendly vision to manufacture many of their products void of any harsh chemicals or toxins. Their top selling product Phototex has successfully passed the European Registration, Evaluation and Authorization of Chemical Substances (REACH) test, currently the strictest law regulating chemicals.

To keep up with their growing business, Riverworks has added another eco-solvent printer. The printer is an updated model of the Color Painter, the first printer employed by Riverworks. This new printer has an increased speed and maintains a rich color density to create high resolution images. By only offering IX inks Riverworks ensures that there are no hazardous air pollutants and minimal odor. Using these efficient printing approaches Riverworks recently completed a fleet graphics job for Seacoast United, the Hampton based sporting club. Riverworks work included creatively decorating Seacoast United vehicles with images of the company’s logo and contact information just in time to be featured for the filming of a Bill Dube Ford commercial.

Keep the environment in mind when you need printed media and choose Riverworks Printing! You can learn more about Riverworks' sustainability efforts, and see their full certification, on the Riverworks Printing Green Alliance page.

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