Blog : NHBSR Spring Conference

By Amanda | May 7, 2014 | in

What makes a business socially responsible? Some believe responsibility lies only to those economically benefitting from the business. Others believe social responsibility goes much further and the business is responsible for all actions that impact the environment and the community. New Hampshire Businesses for Social Responsibility (NHBSR) annual spring conference attempts to bring this discussion to life

Seth Goldman is the founder and so-called “Tea-EO” of Honest Tea and will be the keynote speaker at the conference joined by other industry leaders. The conference will take place at the Grappone Conference Center in Concord, NH on May 12 from 8 to 4.

NHBSR Spring Conferences address issues around sustainable operations, community outreach and engagement, socially responsible and financially beneficial workplace practices, starting green teams, engaging employees in sustainability efforts and more. These annual conferences are designed to be all-encompassing and offer attainable ideas to organizations at all levels of sustainability. These annual conferences attract everyone on the business spectrum from the corporate world to the non-profit world. As well as students interested in social responsibility and employees looking for tools to engage management.

NHBSR is the business organization driving the social responsibility agenda here in New Hampshire. The Green Alliance often collaborates with NHBSR and will have an informational booth at the conference, so make sure to stop by and say hi! Let's get the discussion rolling on social responsibility!

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