Blog : Marcom4 Thinks Outside of the Box to Expand Businesses

By Mary | May 2, 2014 | in

GREENLAND – Are you struggling to get your business noticed? Marcom4 in Greenland, NH is a unique branding and content marketing company that knows the best way to bring your ideas and projects into the pubic eye. Marcom4 specializes in marketing and communication for its clients.

Marcom4 is made up of a team of four especially talented individuals. The founding partners, Dannielle Sargent, Jane Marlow Cutter, Kara Steere and Andrea Knowles, each bring their own creative touch to all business projects. Together, the group at Marcom4 has over 60 years worth of living and working in New Hampshire. They specialize in forming messaging strategies for inviduals looking to grow their organizations. Marcom4's forward-thinking approach helps them meet the needs of any and all clients. The team focuses on content and client development, as well as creative appeal and media outreach.

Marcom 4 partnered with the Green Alliance for a number of different reasons. The Marcom4 group aims to serve mainly local green businesses on the Seacoast. They believe in working remotely in order to reduce their carbon foot print. Marcom4 uses sustainable practices like digital media advertising. It’s a company committed to being green, whether it’s taking public transportation or conserving energy with renewable resources. Marcom4 also has a comprehensive recycling program at their Greenland headquarters. If you would like to bring your business into the limelight, contact Marcom4 today. 

Join the Green Alliance today to and get the GA discount at Marcom4! Members save 20 percent on all services!