Blog : Light the way for a healthier planet with Rockingham Electric and The Lighting Center

By Emily | May 5, 2014 | in

The Rockingham Electric Supply Co. and its sister company The Lighting Center are third generation, family owned businesses with a strong passion for bringing the public a green lighting outlet. President, Jim Pender prides himself in educating customers and employees alike on sustainable lighting.

Rockingham Electric has shared a few easy ways to use lighting to help protect our planet. With these tips, you can start taking steps towards a green earth.

Easy Tip 1: Switch to CFL or LED Light Bulbs
CFL and LED light bulbs have some of the most energy-efficient technology available, making them last longer and cost less to operate:

To lower the cost of switching, Rockingham Electric offers in-store coupons on the purchase of CFL and LED bulbs.
Don’t forget to recycle used CFL bulbs!

Easy Tip 2: Use Less Energy with Sensors and Dimmers
Technology can help lower the amount of energy your house uses. Specifically, by installing occupancy (or motion) sensors in your house, you can ensure lights automatically turn on and off when needed. Even choosing to install a dimmer helps lower energy used (dimmers can save between 4% and 9% in electricity—even when the lights are on their brightest). Rockingham Electric stocks all these products by industry leaders Leviton, Hubbell, and Lutron products.

Easy Tip 3: Turn off Unnecessary Lights
This may be the simplest tip of all: Don’t leave lights on in rooms no one is using. The New Hampshire Office of Energy and Planning says that the majority of the energy used (about 90% in incandescent lights) is given off as heat. Just click the switch on the way out!

So if you are looking into your options for sustainable lighting, visit either Rockingham Electric Supply Co. or The Lighting Center at Rockingham Electric.

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