Blog : Insulate your home the green way with the Green Cocoon

By Emily | May 28, 2014 | in

This previous winter has proven the need to equip your home with quality insulation. By working with the Green Cocoon, you are taking steps to doing just that.

Since 2007, the Green Cocoon, founded by Jim Materkowski and the late Peter Strattner, has been striving to provide more options for the green insulation industry. Green Cocoon has brought green insulation to the industry, using spray foam made from soybeans and plastic bottles. This spray foam, the top green option on the insulation market, has many benefits, including air and vapor barriers, along with hurricane-grade strength, something every building by the storm-prone coast should consider having.

The spray foam will decrease the amount your furnace pushes out each winter, or the air conditioner in the summer, which leads to a decline in oil use. With this decreased dependence on petroleum, it is possible to cut your heating and cooling costs by half. Now doesn’t that sound like a dream come true?

Another method the Green Cocoon uses is BATT insulation made from recycled denim. By using the scraps and clippings of denim clothing from manufacturers, the Green Cocoon is creating a high performance product that would otherwise go to waste. Further, they use a line of cellulose insulation made from recycled newspapers, which is one of the greenest in the world.

Insulation projects can be pricey, but with the Green Cocoon you don’t have to fret.. They offer honest, transparent estimates that clearly illustrate the costs for each space even accounting for exact square footage and labor. But it doesn’t stop there; when you work with the Green Cocoon, their high-efficiency insulation can ensure a payback time of under 10 years!

Green Alliance Members- save $100 on all foam and denim insulation jobs between $3,000 and $5,000! Or save $200 on all foam and denim insulation jobs of $5,000 or more! Additionally, save $50 on any cellulose insulation job of $2,000 or more!

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