Blog : Green Story: Eclipx Salon

By Sam | May 23, 2014 | in

From a young age, Newburyport native Natalie Riley has had a passion for hairstyling's artistry and creativity. Propelled by early encouragement from her own stylist, Riley began attending cosmetology school immediately after graduating high school in 2006. It didn’t take long before a new goal began showing on the horizon: to own and operate her own salon.

With the opening of Eclipx Salon in September 2012, Riley was able to make good on both of those visions. And while the salon’s charmingly rustic exterior might make it seem like a hole-in-the-wall, it doesn’t take long for customers to see the passion and the practice behind the sheers. From cuts and colors to foils, treatments, and styling, Eclipx offers a whole host of salon options, all in a family-oriented setting that is as charming as it is inviting.

By diving headlong into continuing education, Riley is assuring that her skills and knowledge grow as much as her business. All the while, Riley’s intrepid commitment to community – she regularly provides free haircuts for the underprivileged once a week, and even allows local artists and jewelers to display their work on her walls free of charge – continues to set her salon apart.


Now, the dream shifts once again, this time to providing an increasingly green salon alternative. With two product lines featuring organic aloe base and pure essential oils – including one that is gluten-free – Riley is proactively meeting the demands of a customer base becoming increasingly driven towards more sustainable hairstyling alternatives. It might be just a start, but if Riley’s record of making good on her goals is any indication, the future of Eclipx is sure to be as green as it is bright.

Riley opened up her doors to the Salisbury, MA community in September 2012 with every intention to create a natural, healthy and effective salon experience for every client. And Eclipx’s success speaks for itself.

“I strive to live a healthy life because I believe the healthier you are the happier you are. It’s important for me to be able to give our clients a sense of wellness in their salon experience,” Riley says about her choice of products and treatments. “Looking good has everything to do with feeling good. So it’s really as simple as: if we can make you feel good and look good we’ve done our job right.”