Blog : Eco Firebox Efficiently Warms Your Home

By Kyle | May 6, 2014 | in

Eco Firebox’s affordable, sustainable, and efficient heating system makes curling up by the fire on a cold day that much better. In 2010 Les Veilleux, owner of Eco Firebox, developed a masonry heater that is as green as it is attractive and functional. A masonry heater is more efficient than a traditional fireplace, burning gas emitted from the timber as opposed to solely burning the wood. Where as a traditional fireplace uses only 20 percent of its heat potential, masonry heaters burn the wood's emitted gas utilizing 98 percent. Heat cubes can also be used in the stoves. These heat cubes allow greater design possibilities, offer higher BTU output and distribute heat evenly as it travels upwards from the stove. Veilleux developed the heaters to be efficient and health conscious by eliminating the release of harmful chemicals like carbon dioxide, creosote and tar typical of wood stoves and fireplaces.

Since the beginning of the company, Veilleux aimed to use the best available technology while keeping appearance and design in mind. He developed a system that is efficient yet modular—each costumer has the ability to change the design to fit their lifestyle and personal taste. Using 3D modeling tools, Eco Firebox can work closely with customers to find the best-fit design for any home. Customers are even given the options to incorporate add-ons including a heated bench or pizza oven.

A wood stove benefits a New England household in any season - from harsh winters, to chilly summer nights and crisp autumn mornings, Eco Firebox provides the best technology to heat your home. Choose Eco Firebox to upgrade your current fireplace or incorporate a masonry heater in your home. With its super efficient, safe and beautiful design, Eco Firebox’s masonry heaters are sure to keep any New Englander toasty.

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