Blog : Community Toolbox: People Helping People

By Craig | May 15, 2014 | in

People helping people. It's what Community Toolbox, Inc. does best. Take for example an Exeter woman who uses a wheelchair. She was unable to leave her home because of an incomplete access ramp. With just a few tools and some wood, one of Community Toolbox's volunteers was able to give the woman her life back.

This is just one, small, story out of the many that Community Toolbox can share. They're in the business of helping others live safe, healthy lives without worrying about repairs and renovations that can be too daunting or costly for homeowners to take on themselves.

As a three-fold business, Community Toolbox offers homeowners the chance to make the necessary improvements to their homes without emptying their wallets. The Retail Outlet sells discounted home goods like kitchen appliances, bathroom tiles, cabinetry and more that they receive through donation and through their DeConstruction program - the hand removal of still functional materials for reuse. The DeConstruction Program not only helps individuals, but the environment as well by keeping large quantities of unnecessary waste out of landfills. Sales from the retail outlet support Community Toolbox's Fix-It program, the life blood of the business, who go out into the community to assist with homeowner’s repairs.

Interested in volunteering, changing lives and helping the planet? Visit Community Toolbox online.

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