Blog : Brewing Beer for a Better Planet

By Ali | May 6, 2014 | in

If you’re in need of some good food and great locally brewed beer, look no further than the Portsmouth Brewery. This Green Alliance business partner is known in the community for its charm, hospitality and sustainability. Their “make-it- from-scratch” mentality is only one of the ways manager Brennen Rumble keeps the business thriving. You may be wondering, what's their secret?

As many know, the Brewery has produced their own beer for over 20 years under the Smuttynose moniker. But what many might not realize is just how sustainable the brewing operation is. Not only did they install new pump-switches to make the brewing kettles more energy efficient, but at the end of the brewing process the used hops and oats are donated to pig farmers for feed. Anything that can’t be used as feed goes is composted. As active members of the Slow Food Movement their menu has numerous local food options and have transitioned away from plastic and Styrofoam products. All To-Go containers are made with biodegradable potato based materials and bags from the gift shop and restaurant are made from recycled paper.

All of these great sustainable practices don’t stop the Brewery from pursuing more green goals. They plan to incorporate reclaimed water and LEED certified technology into future brewpubs like the Smuttynose Brewery. The Brewery is making food with principles and beer with a conscience. Stop by to see the new green future the chefs are serving up.

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