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By Ali | May 6, 2014 | in

The Acorn School found its home in 1975, when Rebecca Shepard purchased a small plot of land in Stratham, NH. It wasn’t long after that the school was bursting with life. Accommodating children ages three to six, students learn and experience far more than the average kindergartener. A typical school day revolves around exploring nature trails as well as outdoor classrooms with environmentally progressive ideas. The class sizes are small; allowing a one to six teacher-to-child ratio, creating an atmosphere better suited to each individual’s unique learning experience.

Acorn has aimed its teaching style at diversity to give their students the availability to learn all aspects of the creative curriculum. “We are embellishing on the founding roots of the school,” explains Director Sue Bendroth. “Essentially our programs teach students to think about what they are using, how they are using it, and how they might use it in the future.”

Few schools are as committed to teaching their students the power of reducing, reusing and recycling as Acorn. But it doesn’t stop there. Students also compost excess food and paper scraps and apply the rich soil they have created to their on-site garden. Overall, the result of the Acorn School emphasizes “the process, rather than the product” – where learning is an adventure more about the journey than the destination.

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