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Exploring the many sails of the Gundalow Company

By Emily | May 30, 2014 | in

There are many perks to living near the water. One of those is sailing. Being able to travel over the water and take in the many beauties bestowed before you is something everyone should be able to experience. That is why the Gundalow Company is where you should turn for all of your sailing needs.

When working with the Gundalow Company, there are many different sailing options you can explore. From Memorial Day until late-October, the Gundalow sails seven days a week and offers seven sail types, along with two special sunset sails.

Green Story: Futuro Builders

By Craig | May 29, 2014 | in

Over the years, the term development has evolved to mean far more than just the addition of cookie-cutter compounds and skyscrapers. As the world becomes more attentive to the environmental impacts of construction, sustainability and efficiency initiatives emerge as priorities for the industry’s future. For business owner Jesse Ware, the future of sustainable building is called, Futuro Builders.

Ware used his experience from JPWare Design to form Futuro in 2011. Having grown up in the thick of the building trade – his father was one of the first to emphasize energy efficient homes back in the 1970s – Ware is more than attuned to the challenges and the potential posed by green building in the 21st century, having received LEED AP accreditation from the US Green Building Council (USGBC).

From commercial projects to residential homes, Futuro is a building firm that doesn’t promote environmental sustainability as the future, but rather as the standard. And Ware remains true to the green direction of his business.

“We approach our work the way we do for many reasons. The biggest reason, though, is we believe in it. It is at the core of our values,” said Ware. “Creating something that is healthier, more efficient, and has less impact on the Earth is always going to be the right thing to do.”


Portsmouth Atlantic Insurance Achieves Green Dreams, Moves to New Location

By Kyle | May 29, 2014 | in

Insurance is a necessary aspect of most everyone’s life. There’s no way to avoid the cost of insurance; however, Portsmouth Atlantic Insurance makes finding the best rates and policies easy. Unlike most industries where ‘buying direct’ is the least expensive method, in the insurance industry, working with an insurance company will actually save you money. This is particularly true with PAI, an independent agent who doesn’t show loyalty to any one carrier, enabling them to shop for the best rates on your behalf. PAI stays true to finding the best rates available while offering more personalized service for every customer. PAI will personally reach out to carriers if your claim is being processed too slowly, or shop for a better rate among several carriers if you are unhappy with your current rates.

Purely Organic Targets Beauty and Health of Your Lawn and Garden

By Kyle | May 29, 2014 | in

Did you know your feet contain over 4,000 pores that are the largest on the human body? Many people take pride in the outdoor appearance of their homes—going to great lengths to grow and maintain beautiful lush gardens and lawns—but are unaware of the negative impacts these chemicals can have on your lawn, pets and even family. Our body absorbs chemicals through the skin at an alarming rate and that can affect our overall health.

Children are at higher risk for health effects from exposure to toxic chemicals than adults because of child's developing internal organs. Traditional lawn care chemicals have the potential to attack the central nervous system and produce symptoms including, but not limited to, rash, chest tightness, asthma-like attacks and blurred or dim vision. It may be difficult to prevent your child from playing in the grass while enjoying the outdoors, but it's an easy decision to hire an organic lawn care company and reduce the risk of a family's exposure to chemicals in their backyard.

Green Alliance Gets a Sneak Peak at the New Smuttynose Brewery in Hampton

By Craig | May 29, 2014 | in

If you're a beer drinker (or connoisseur) in New Hampshire then there's little doubt you haven't had a Smuttynose brew. Since 1994 Smuttynose has been brewing some of the best local - now national and international - craft beers out of their HQ in Portsmouth. But with the rise in the beer's popularity, Smuttynose outgrew the facility in Portsmouth and relocated to Towle Farm Road in Hampton. The new space looks amazing and the Green Alliance was happy to be on-hand to learn about Smuttynose's continued efforts to grow as a sustainable business and witness the beginning in the next chapter in Smuttynose's story.

Oh, and to have a beer. Or two.

It’s time to go dockside with the Gundalow Company!

By Emily | May 28, 2014 | in

Are you ready to start enjoying the summer weather? What better way to do that than by the water. New this season, The Gundalow Company is offering dockside tours free of charge.

Open to the public from 12:30-3:00 p.m. on most Saturday’s, all ages are welcome to come aboard the gundalow, Piscataqua. Arrive at the Prescott Park dock and step onboard for a fun afternoon full of beautiful scenary and educational experiences.

In addition to learning about the vessel, the maritime history, and the environment of the Piscataqua region you may also enjoy a hands-on experience as well. With interactive stations covering rotating topics such as marine life, watersheds, arts of the sailor, shipping history, navigation, and knot tying, people of all ages can come and enjoy a day with the Gundalow Company.

All Green Alliance members enjoy 10% off sailing tickets and 10% off private charters! Click here to become a Green Alliance member

Insulate your home the green way with the Green Cocoon

By Emily | May 28, 2014 | in

This previous winter has proven the need to equip your home with quality insulation. By working with the Green Cocoon, you are taking steps to doing just that.

Since 2007, the Green Cocoon, founded by Jim Materkowski and the late Peter Strattner, has been striving to provide more options for the green insulation industry. Green Cocoon has brought green insulation to the industry, using spray foam made from soybeans and plastic bottles. This spray foam, the top green option on the insulation market, has many benefits, including air and vapor barriers, along with hurricane-grade strength, something every building by the storm-prone coast should consider having.

The spray foam will decrease the amount your furnace pushes out each winter, or the air conditioner in the summer, which leads to a decline in oil use. With this decreased dependence on petroleum, it is possible to cut your heating and cooling costs by half. Now doesn’t that sound like a dream come true?

Kittery Community Market Kick-Off

By Magill | May 28, 2014 | in

Come join Kittery Community Market as they celebrate the beginning of their second season with Start Your Garden Day. Local farmers will be offering a great variety of seedlings along with their expert knowledge on gardening. This is the perfect way to make time for your garden and learn tips that will yield a successful growth.  In addition, Shapleigh Middle School's Green team will be selling seedlings that have begun to sprout in their school green house.

The money that they raise will be used to support the groups gardening efforts at the middle school. Last year the Green Team raised $100 at Kittery Community Market which allowed them to put in raised beds at the school this spring!

Save Green While Going Green at ReVision's Solar Celebration

By Ali | May 28, 2014 | in

June 21 marks the official start of summer and what better way to celebrate the solstice than by throwing a party?

ReVision Energy is one step ahead of the game. On June 20 Revision will host their Celebrate the Sol - short for solstice - event to ring in the summer season. ReVision’s office and marketing manager, Heather Fournier says that the meaning behind the celebration is to gather the community together and get people excited about the sun, summer, solar power and the environment.

The event is full of fun-under-the-sun action including beer, free food, music, children’s activities and solar demonstrations. If you're interested in learning how to begin your own compost pile, adopting a pet or even learning how to make your car more sustainable, there will be workshops and area vendors on hand.

A Summer Full of Events for Isles of Shoals Steamship Company

By Magill | May 27, 2014 | in

Isles of Shoals Steamship Company has filled this summer with exciting events, giving you endless opportunities to cruise aboard the Thomas Laighton. To kick off the summer, they have partnered with The Green Alliance to give members deals and chances to win free cruise tickets! This exciting opportunity is available to Green Alliance members all summer long. Every week there will be a story posted on Monday with details on how to win a free ticket from the Isles of Shoals Steamship Company.  This week the first person to join the Green Alliance and email will win two free cruise tickets. Winning a ticket to cruise on the Thomas Laighton entails a narrated adventure on a local island such as Star Island!

Dome Sweet Dome: Micum Davis of Cornerstone Tree Care's Geodesic Greenhouse

By Sam | May 27, 2014 | in



Do you ever wonder how the owners of the businesses you buy from spend their time and money? It makes us happy every time we see one of our Business Partners spending their resources outside of work to continue to make the world a better place.

Micum Davis of Cornerstone Tree Care is building a geodesic greenhouse in his yard in Madbury. If you’re unfamiliar with the practice, a geodesic greenhouse allows people who live in less-than-suitable farming climates (like New Hampshire, where the weather has a mind of its own) to be able to plant vegetables without the fear of crops freezing. The architecture allows a greater solar gain and its structure is sturdier and more energy-efficient than traditional greenhouses.

Riverworks Printing New Eco-Solvent Printer Helps with Spring Jobs

By Magill | May 27, 2014 | in

By Magill Smith

Riverworks Printing of Greenland, N.H. is constantly working to redefine print products by using eco-friendly materials and creating biodegradable media for homes and businesses. Riverworks currently uses an adhesive large format poster - the Photo Tex Wall Sticker - for many printing jobs. It is more durable than traditional posters in addition to being biodegradable. Founder Jeff Cutter was inspired to create the format as a way to showcase his favorite personal pastime: fly-fishing. The Phthalates-free patented adhesive leaves no sticky residue on surfaces and is interchangeable.

Green Story: Eclipx Salon

By Sam | May 23, 2014 | in

From a young age, Newburyport native Natalie Riley has had a passion for hairstyling's artistry and creativity. Propelled by early encouragement from her own stylist, Riley began attending cosmetology school immediately after graduating high school in 2006. It didn’t take long before a new goal began showing on the horizon: to own and operate her own salon.

With the opening of Eclipx Salon in September 2012, Riley was able to make good on both of those visions. And while the salon’s charmingly rustic exterior might make it seem like a hole-in-the-wall, it doesn’t take long for customers to see the passion and the practice behind the sheers. From cuts and colors to foils, treatments, and styling, Eclipx offers a whole host of salon options, all in a family-oriented setting that is as charming as it is inviting.

By diving headlong into continuing education, Riley is assuring that her skills and knowledge grow as much as her business. All the while, Riley’s intrepid commitment to community – she regularly provides free haircuts for the underprivileged once a week, and even allows local artists and jewelers to display their work on her walls free of charge – continues to set her salon apart.