Blog : UNH Dairy Bar Sustainably Satisfying Sweet Tooths

By Kyle | Apr 8, 2014 | in

Durham, NH— Need to satisfy a sweet tooth or cool down on a hot summer day? Stop in for an always-overflowing cone of the UNH Dairy Bar’s famous ice cream brought in locally from Blake’s in Manchester. In 2008, UNH Dining Services took over the Dairy Bar owed and previously managed by UNH with the goal to center their business around sustainability. 

Since re-opening in 2008, the Dairy Bar provides students and the public alike with affordable, local, sustainable fresh food and ice cream options. Reaching out to local farmers and businesses, the Dairy Bar has compiled a menu that is 75 percent locally sourced. Recently, the Dairy Bar in partnership with the UNH’s College of Life Sciences and Agriculture, bought two 96-by-30 “high tunnels”—structures similar to greenhouses with a focus on greater passive environmental control—to offer fresh produce directly from the UNH campus farm land. Feel good about stopping in to get a fair trade cup of coffee from NH Coffee Roasters in Dover or any breakfast sandwich made with hormone and cage free eggs from Pete and Gerry’s in Monroe.


In addition to using the majority of their products from local sources, the UNH Dairy Bar has recently pledged to work towards producing zero waste with compost and recycling programs. The Dairy Bar uses eco-friendly to-go silverware and containers made from biodegradable plant-based materials that can be easily composted. The compost produced from the eateries biodegradable waste is sent to Kingman Farm in Madbury to be used as topsoil. These efforts to use local food options and reduce waste help the Dairy Bar reduce their carbon footprint as much as possible.

Six years after reopening the Dairy Bar, UNH Dining Services perseveres toward making this Durham staple a more sustainable business with future generations in mind. The restaurant continues to spread awareness of their efforts and recently won the National Association of College and University Food Services (NACUFS) Dining Awards competition for their unique retail concept focused on sustainability. Next time you’re in the Durham area and need a bite to eat, stop by the UNH Dairy Bar for a delicious meal or snack while supporting local businesses and in turn the environment.

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