Blog : Seacoast Energy to Offer Highly Efficient European Furnace Options

By Patrick | Apr 23, 2014 | in

Seacoast Energy has recently expanded its product range to include appliances from WoodMaster – a Minnesota-based furnace manufacturer.

Upon agreeing to showcase WoodMaster’s European-style biomass products, Jack Bingham of Seacoast Energy was flown out to Minnesota where he received comprehensive training on product itself and the support that authorized sellers provide.

Forged in the name of efficiency, this union will benefit both parties enormously. Seacoast Energy will be the region’s only seller and servicer of WoodMaster’s product line while WoodMaster will break back into a market they had previously been dropped from.

Sales and Marketing Manager for WoodMaster, Todd Strem reflects on his link-up with Bingham and the technology his business will bring to the region.

“Anybody that really does research like Jack does – he reads, he hunts, and he looks at things; they realize that the European style of biomass heating is the way to go,” said Strem. “Their technology is further ahead than ours here because they’ve been mandated by their government for years to clean up.”

WoodMaster has taken this European style of heating and has built it domestically – hoping to replace the more traditional, dirtier forms of heating a home or office while helping people to a better understanding along the way.

As a result of such a difference in technology, Strem believes you have to enlighten the consumer first and that shared belief is what makes WoodMaster and Seacoast Energy such a great match. “It’s an educational process and somebody that buys into that is a great dealer for us,” comments Strem.

WoodMaster’s expansion into a specialized market like the Northeast has also presented an opportunity to expand their product line to include a new indoor pellet boiler. Strem believes that this new furnace will be wildly successful in the region because people are familiar with pellets and those using oil to heat their homes will be attracted to the drop in prices. According to Strem, “[Bingham] has the only one in the United States right now – and he loves it”.

So when you’re in the market for new energy alternatives that will reduce your carbon footprint and save you money remember to consider Seacoast Energy. Jack Bingham is a knowledgeable man who does his research so that he is able to answer any energy-related questions you may have.

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