Blog : Salt + Sea

By Ali | Apr 18, 2014 | in

Living on the coast of New England has its perks, one of which being freshly caught seafood. Salt + Sea is a local company specializing in the sustainable harvest of fish off the Gulf of Maine and Georges Bank. Each week, Salt + Sea members receive fresh, locally caught seafood, connecting Portland’s strong local foods with neighboring communities. Salt + Sea is offering a variety of customizable fish shares, as well as shellfish or seafood baskets filled with Maine’s finest products.

Every week members pick up their pre-paid shares of fresh-off-the-knife fish, hand selected based on freshness, flavor and season at one of nine different locations. Members can choose to sign up for two months at a time and can renew their memberships at any point. Green Alliance director, Sarah Brown is excited to be signing up for a share to provide her and her family with fresh, sustainable seafood.

Salt + Sea only serves species with a sound stock level, their shares consist mainly of Acadian Redfish, Haddock, Monkfish, Pollock, Flounder and Hake. They work exclusively with fishermen that avoid fishing in areas with critically sensitive habitats and aim to minimize their carbon footprints by diminishing bycatch. From local boats to local families, Salt + Sea is determined to promote and preserve Maine’s many delicate resources, by educating the public on the importance of local sustainable fishing, and providing them with the best that Maine has to offer.

To learn more about Salt + Sea’s local and sustainable fish and seafood shares click here!