Blog : Newmarket Dental Moves to Convenient New Greener Space

By Madelaine | Apr 17, 2014 | in

NEWMARKET — After 63 years in its downtown office, Newmarket Dental has relocated. Its beloved old location became cramped and outdated, so the practice has moved into a more client-friendly (and ecologically sound!) space.

Just half a mile from the old locale, the new office at 60 Exeter Road, Building 100 has a lot more to offer. There is plenty of convenient parking for employees and customers, and easier access to the building for elderly and handicapped patients.

The new space was not fully developed before Dr. Nate Swanson moved in, so he and his crew had the opportunity to make building choices to fit their specific needs. Sustainability was a big theme for the design of the office. Most of the lights in the office are light-emitting diodes (LEDs.) While initially a costly investment, LEDs last 40 times as long and and use one-sixth the energy compared to incandescent light bulbs. Swanson also sought out furniture from manufacturers who use recycled content and have commitments to green business practices.

Newmarket Dental also kept it local when choosing its contractors, which helps the regional economy and reduces travel costs and fuel emissions. The practice chose paints with low or no VOC levels and utilized a locally harvested tree for wood surfaces.

"I'm almost irrationally excited about this maple!" says Swanson. "It was recovered from a tree which fell over in Strafford about five years ago, and we've used it for counter and tabletops as well as a coat rack and a shelving build-in. We even added it to re-purposed old type-writer tables from the 60s to create side tables for the waiting room, so that's been one of the more fun aspects of the whole project."

Swanson notes a collaboration with artisan Jon Piatt and Soapstone Works of Lee for these woodworking projects.

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