Blog : MEat is Bringing Local Sustainable Meat to the Table

By Madelaine | Apr 8, 2014 | in

In a world where the number of independent farms is dwindling, and most meat products come from huge far away factories, a culinary entrepreneur is offering a better option for bringing meat to your table.

Jarrod Spangler has worked in kitchens around the country, from Boston to San Francisco. He graduated the Culinary Institute of America has also studied the art of old world butchery and charcuterie in Italy. After years of research, experience, and planning, Spangler is proud to announce that he is opening “MEat,” a whole animal butcher shop focused on offering meat from 100% locally and humanely raised animals.

Nowadays when we purchase meat from a chain grocery store or restaurant, we don’t really know where it came from. MEat will serve as an outlet for local farms in Maine and New Hampshire, so you will always know where your dinner is coming from. MEat will source only from the highest quality independent farms that take pride in their work and care about their animals’ well being. All meat will be humanely raised, it will contain no hormones or antibiotics, and animals will be cage free. MEat will also offer cured meat like salami and prosciutto.

MEat is bridging the gap from local farm to table. Its storefront will make it easy to support local farmers and purchase the highest quality meats available. If you’d like to help its effort of bringing a local butcher shop back to you, check out its kickstart campaign by clicking here. Also, MEat’s website has more information and news about its mission!