Blog : Get the Perfect Spring Haircut by Natalie Riley at the Eclipx Salon

By Ali | Apr 14, 2014 | in

Not everyone knows what they want to do after high school, but for Natalie Riley this was a simple question. Riley had a passion for hairstyling even at a young age. When she graduated high school in 2006, she pursued her dreams and attended cosmetology school.

In 2012 Riley opened Eclipx Salon, finally fulfilling her goal of owning and operating her own business. Her dedication got her through school and through the process of opening Eclipx.

Now, Riley has reviews raving about her salon's style, creativity and overall dedication online through Yelp and other social media. With years of experience under her belt she is ready to push the salon forward in a positive direction. One way Riley accomplishes this is by offering free haircuts to the underprivileged community members of Salisbury. She also allows local artists and jewelers to display their works on her walls free of charge.

Riley's newest goal is to increase the green potential of her salon. Diving head first into the world of sustainability she began to recycle, reducing the amount of paper she was printing on, and replaced disposable cups with glass cups. In an effort to meet the growing demand of her customers, Riley filled the salon with green products from Eufora and incorporated styling lines of organic and aloe-based products. She is also eager to promote her newest line of gluten-free essential oil shampoos and conditioning products by Loma.

As a Green Alliance Business Partner Riley continues to incorporate sustainable and alternative products. She is driven to improve her knowledge and skills making the future of Eclipx as bright as it is green. Stop by the salon and show your support for local, green businesses.

Green Alliance members receive up to $15 off on all services and $5 off all hair products at Eclipx Salon!