Blog : ENH Power to underwrite NHPR's "Giving Matters"

By Ali | Apr 11, 2014 | in

Green Alliance Business Partner, ENH Power, has just announced that they will be underwriting the New Hampshire Public Radio program, “Giving Matters.” It’s a joint production sponsored by NHPR and the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation.

The work of non-profit organizations throughout New Hampshire is significant and ongoing. Every Saturday morning at 8:35 a.m., NHPR dedicates two-minutes to publicize the beneficial work done by these organizations and the impacts they have on the community.

ENH Power helps New Hampshire non-profits and community groups realize their outreach and fundraising goals through the Power to Help.

"Through our Power to Help initiative, ENH Power has been partnering with New Hampshire
non-profit and community organizations for some time. We share New Hampshire Public Broadcasting's belief that these groups are under recognized for their positive economic impact on the state," says Will Fessenden, Director of Media for ENH Power.For more information about the Power to Help initiative, go to

ENH Power is dedicated to work towards, and achieve, a clean energy future for New Hampshire. They offer a Coal-Free or a Pure Green power options plan. As well as providing customers with a range of power options to fit their budget, they offer alternatives to large utilities that meet the ideal green standards.

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