Blog : Eco Sound Builders Offer a New, Sustainable, Life for Homes

By Craig | Apr 24, 2014 | in

By Kyle Bonus
Green Alliance Contributor

Looking to remodel your current home, or build one you’ve always dreamed of? Eco Sound Builders is an excellent choice when it comes to a company dedicated to quality, sustainable work while preserving its architectural integrity. Since 2007 Eco Sound Builders has utilized green design and materials in their many projects. It's a process that is both wallet and environmentally friendly.

Ever since joining his father on construction sites as a boy, co-owner, Ethan Korpi has had a passion for sustainable building. Through Roger Korpi, Ethan's father and business partner, Ethan has learned to honor the historical value of a building. His appreciation for older architecture in each project Eco Sound Builders does is shown by an effort to retrofit previous design into the newer renovation. However, instead of implementing new materials and structures, Eco Sound Builders look for ways to sustainably renovate and restore: sourcing wood from FSC and SFI certified forests incorporating efficient insulation and subcontracting with local outfits who specializing in non-toxic paints and reclaimed homegoods.

With these renovations and restoration efforts, Eco Sound Builders will not only make your home more sustainable, but cost effective as well. Many homeowners are accustomed to paying high heating bills due to poor or inefficient air control features in their homes. One way Eco Sound Builders can save you money is by replacing old, uneconomical insulation and windows with ones of higher quality. With these renovations to a home, homeowners will save money in the long run. Though Eco Sound Builders appreciates the sustainable aspect of renovating an old structure, building from scratch gives them a broad range of opportunities to implement sustainable practices and products.

The need for renovations or even a new home don’t happen often; however, when they do make sure to choose Eco Sound Builders to construct a quality, beautiful home with minimal impact on the environment. Contact them today!

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